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Hello all!

I'm Petra, a psuedoanonymous (not really, I just don't like to post my last name everywhere) masters student at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, in Applied .

I'm interested in R coding, biostats, and transgender healtcare and statistics. I've also been learning in my spare time.

I already have a mastodon account at but that's not really for serious stuff.

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online hot take 

disruptiveness of "asking to ask" on IRC:

disruptiveness of being a dick to people for "asking to ask" on IRC:

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"AI is coming for your job" snark 

> IBM: AI will change every job and increase demand for creative skills


🍍 "AI" sometimes means "we found a way to have a task done remotely by people in a sweatshop in another country"

🍍 Sometimes "AI is coming for your job" should be read as "we want you to believe AI is coming for your job in order to prime you to accept lower wages and worse working conditions due to vague uncertainty about your value as a worker"

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Me, with a voiceover voice: in a world
Analytic philosopher: hold on, I am not comfortable with the pace with which you are making assumptions

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I have now had the installation of two packages with such functions have "non-zero exit status", because one of their 20 different dependencies wont install

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You would think it would be an option in chisq.test, but no

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Why is it so hard to find a G-test function in R? It's honestly easier to calculate manually at this point

I am unable to type 1.96 without first typing 19.6

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Griping about that compsci "big data" course 

Me, doing my assignment and hoping to not get marked wrong for the right answer: “Contra the notes,”

I swear the stats parts of this course is like learning statistics distorted via a short game of telephone. But what does that mean is going on with the parts that are new to me?

Oh *that's* why no R packages seem to be installed on this computer - new R version

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Tag your APODs, nerds

(I'm kidding, apods 4ever)

It's always amusing to see that, for all the popularity of the phrase "curse of dimensionality," nobody seems to be using it the same way...

I have access to the blackboard site of an undergraduate course I'm marking for this trimester, so I keep getting notifications for new content in "Statistics in Practice" and it takes me a while to realise I don't actually need to care about that right now

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