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I've currently got my follows locked down but please feel free to send me a follow request. I'm always excited for new followers, but I probably won't approve your follow request unless you have an informative bio/an intro toot/a reasonable number of toots/I know you, or at least some way of knowing what you're interested in.

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I should probably do a little (re)introduction. I lead on research data stuff at the British Library, including supporting internal researchers and services for BL users.

- I run the UK DataCite Consortium :doi:
- I'm a Software Sustainability Institute Fellow
- I'm passionately into all things open, especially open research
- I contribute to communities like,,,

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Hi I'm looking for work again

Notable experience: I wrote the Mastodon documentation and I help manage Pixelfed


Looking for documentation, technical writing, could also do Github issue triage or junior programming, project/product management

Can be either a permanent role or a temporary contract thing

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Charm (noun,ability to persuade, delight or arouse admiration; often constructed in the plural.) is:

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Someone in the #gemini Matrix room just posted this: it's a fantastic 'getting started' intro for non-tech people.

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P-hecking is the questionable scientific practice of getting p=0.051 and then yelling "Heck, HECK"

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I keep seeing RMS defenders in my feed so just to let you know im unfollowing people who actively reshare stuff that implies that you defend him.

its not personal but i just do not have tolerance around that issue

Anyone interested in something off my list of "stuff that I can speak fairly convincingly about" for ?

- Research libraries
- Open science/access/data/whatever
- Persistent identifiers
- Umm...
- Sourdough Bread, maybe?
- Very amateur NixOS usage
- idk what else...

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Current events, I guess. Sad. Police. 

@ajroach42 in your position, some things you can do is make your coffee shop into a safe space for BIPOC and queer people. Try to keep cops out of your space. Leave out material about the interlocking systems of oppression that exploit/abuse Black people in Amerika.

I don't know if you have any workers, but you could turn the business into a worker-owned operation so that everyone has a vested interest in keeping the space safe for marginalized groups.

Posting anti-nazi, anti-fascist, pro-LGBTQ, pro-BLM stickers/signs on your store windows helps keep those people away.

Just generally being honest and upfront with people you engage with when they say racist/bigoted shit.

Supporting the local radical groups in your area with space, money, time, etc.

It also helps that when you attract marginalized people to your shared spaces, you can find out about their specific needs and help them on a case by case basis from there.

Hope that helps a little. It is hard to see all the shit that's happening around us and try to figure out what to do that'll mitigate at least a little bit of it. Maybe it's easier to approach it from the perspective of creating a new world - not doing damage control.

First outdoor swim of the year this morning. Missed it so much, and it was beautiful with the sun just up and mist rising off the water. (Photo by my wife :BlobCatHeart: )

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Up for a nice movie night? The recordings of our Bibliometric-enhanced IR (BIR) 2021 workshop at ECIR 2021 are available - Grab your popcorn and have a good time! :-)

Huh, I finally got foldingathome using my AMD GPU on . Turns out I needed to override fahclient and add rocm-opencl-icd and rocm-opencl-runtime to fahclient.extraPkgs.

Nix is generally great, and amazing for its versatility in customizing packages in a reproducible way, but it's rarely obvious what to do when something doesn't work.

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Hello I have 20+ years of SRE/DevOps/Sysadmin and programming experience. Do you know an appropriate job for me for around 30 hours a week? Are you hiring? DM me!



Ally skills workshop, support for transgender health research, crossposted from 🐦; :boost_requested: 

Yes! This is happening. We are offering Ally Skills workshop on June 11 to help fund the Transbiome project. Please share it with your colleagues, friends, organisations and beyond. We can do this! 💪

Registration is open here:

Original tweet:

The Turing Way, a mildly opinionated guide to good practice in now has a chapter on ethics! 🚀 Take a look!

The whole project is community-driven, openly licensed and collaborative, so if you see any gaps pitch in! ❤️

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fsf, rms, recycling 

"In the KonMari Method™, your feelings are the standard for decision making – specifically, knowing what sparks joy. To determine this when tidying, the key is to pick up each object one at a time, and ask yourself quietly, “Does this spark joy?” Pay attention to how your body responds. ...

Through the process of selecting only those things that inspire joy, you can identify precisely what you love – and what you need."

This no longer sparks joy.

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Web Hosts - Recommendations? 

I've used Weebly to host my sites but would like to move away from big entities.

Are there any web building tools you trust or recommend?


Nice to see this one has generated some Opinions! :BlobCatCoffee:

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