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I've currently got my follows locked down but please feel free to send me a follow request. I'm always excited for new followers, but I probably won't approve your follow request unless you have an informative bio/an intro toot/a reasonable number of toots/I know you, or at least some way of knowing what you're interested in.

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I should probably do a little (re)introduction. I lead on research data stuff at the British Library, including supporting internal researchers and services for BL users.

- I run the UK DataCite Consortium :doi:
- I'm a Software Sustainability Institute Fellow
- I'm passionately into all things open, especially open research
- I contribute to communities like,,,

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(thread missing CW) centralization, corporations, warning 


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Well that was a great read, gripping yet cosy, well developed characters and brilliant worldbuilding.

(comment on "Non-Player Character")

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Will probably defederate ondergrond from soonish because of its lack of moderation and open sign up policy, and the fact that it's full of spammers, scammers, and bots. Friends from mastodon dot social, please consider migrating your account to a different instance...

Call for submissions for research code review clinic 

If you're a researcher just getting started as a coder, you might be interested in this opportunity to get your code reviewed by an expert! The SSI's Code Review Clinic will run 8-12 November 2021, limited to 20 slots, so get your submission in now!

If you want a laugh, try searching the web for "autism management training" and finding anything that isn't about managing your autistic employee...

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Hey folks, any recommendations on resources or training for managers of both NT and ND people? My workplace's training all assumes that managers are (or can pass without cost as) NT, and I've definitely reached the point in my career where I need training more specific to the way my brain works (I have a colleague in the same position too).

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I wrote a book. You might like it!

A group of queer disaster nerds are teleported into the world of their TTRPG game.

🤗 found family
🏳️‍🌈 all queer cast
💜 ace romance
🦖 shapeshifting
🐱 animal companion
🍵 cosy adventure

Out now!

Why yes I *do* worry too much about unimportant things, thanks for noticing…

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Seriously considering getting rid of the webfonts from

Much as I like the look of the "quasiproportional" Iosevka fonts, it seems silly that most of the data involved in a page load is for the fonts, just for some formatted text.

OTOH, it should all get cached after the first load though. I dunno...

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Hei scholars! At our University, there's currently attempts to revive a dedicated Bioinformatics curriculum. Does anyone have an example of a successful such curriculum at their own institution with some public documentation of what it encompasses or a contact address?

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did you know?

there is a kitten in your house RIGHT NOW

it is on your computer

it is me :netkitty:

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As #Signal has had severe problems recently due to its centralised nature, here are some decentralised libre alternatives with Fediverse accounts:

➡️ @snikket_im - Initiative to give XMPP a consistent look and feel on instances and apps, to make it more attractive to new users

➡️ @xmpp - XMPP standards foundation

➡️ @delta - Decentralised messaging through email

➡️ @matrix - Best known for the Element client

➡️ @briar - Peer-to-peer encrypted messaging

➡️ @Jami - Peer-to-peer Skype alternative

With Bookface and its estate offline, I'm reflecting again on centralised vs federated vs decentralised. When I left WhatsApp I managed to bring most of the people I talked to regularly to either Telegram or Signal, but they're still centralised and still have many of the same problems.

I don't recommend either now. I try to push federated options: try matrix, or email ( maybe), or heck, even SMS. XMPP also, although I don't have an xmpp address these days (maybe I should though…)

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While I was at Mozilla, a group of us thought about doing a tshirt reading, "queer people worked on that browser you use to post hateful things about queer people."

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"There is some sort of perverse pleasure in knowing that it's basically impossible to send a piece of hate mail through the Internet without its being touched by a gay program. That's kind of funny.” -Eric Allman, creator of sendmail. The Advocate, 3 March 1998, p. 41.

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babe are you ISO 8601 because you're the definition of a good date

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PSA: If #ADHD strategies and coping methods work for you, please use them without sweating whether you have the diagnosis or not.

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