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I've currently got my follows locked down but please feel free to send me a follow request. I'm always excited for new followers, but I probably won't approve your follow request unless you have an informative bio/an intro toot/a reasonable number of toots/I know you, or at least some way of knowing what you're interested in.

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I should probably do a little (re)introduction. I lead on research data stuff at the British Library, including supporting internal researchers and services for BL users.

- I run the UK DataCite Consortium :doi:
- I'm a Software Sustainability Institute Fellow
- I'm passionately into all things open, especially open research
- I contribute to communities like,,,

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Today or tomorrow I will post the Göktuğ's fedi tips on mastodon / fediverse #accessibility. If you have any tips guidance recommendations etc for me to include in there, feel free to share. Tell me if you want to be explicitly attributed or not. I'll attribute by handle unless you request otherwise. I have the obvious basics covered in my notes, like e.g. caption your images with helpful text, don't abuse emoji or unicode, etc.


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asking for recommendations, AD(H)D 

I'm looking for good sources about AD(H)D and adults, and I'd love them not from an individualist psychological lack-oriented perspective, but from a political/feminist perspective that takes power structures into account.
Thanks for your help!

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I have learned not to comment on my friends' bodies. It's rude, and anyway I love my friends for who they are, for their thoughts and feelings and ideas and jokes.
But I can't help but find it strange how they wear the same body every day.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Nothing could match the grace of an air nymph; a rare and special thing to see.

So the princess was disappointed that the one she had been gifted in a great glass globe could barely dance without bashing into the sides.

One day in a fit of frustration she threw her heavy, ornate hair brush at the sphere, shattering it.

The glorious dance she witnessed as it escaped stayed with her.

She insisted a law be made that outlawed confining them.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

Sport, trans erasure 

And if course I'm aware that this is all very much still predicated on a gender binary that isn't nearly so clear cut. Trans inclusion in sport is still very much a fraught subject, especially when society still seems determined to force trans kids through puberty as their birth assigned gender.

Random thought: since equestrianism is the only Olympic sport where men & women compete on equal footing does that also make it a route for potential trans olympians?

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Sport, gender pay gap 

And rather than invest in actual gender parity they've made this farcical new format and still managed to prioritise the men. Women in England and Wales have no long format domestic competitions to play in, so how can they possibly be match ready for international test matches? How can you possibly build a professional career with so many fewer opportunities to earn match fees?

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Sport, gender pay gap 

They already do this with what should be major international matches for the women's team: schedule them at tiny grounds in the middle of nowhere at weird times of day and then have statistics showing that "women's cricket can't even fill a small ground". The few times women's cricket was played at a major venue (pre-pandemic) at a me time off day it was just as popular as men's fixtures, and gave girls an opportunity to see people like them playing top level sport.

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Sport, gender pay gap 

"The Hundred", a weird cricket tournament format invented by the ECB with only 100 balls per innings in 10 ball overs, starts tomorrow. On the plus side, pay and TV coverage parity for men's and women's games. On the other hand, all the women's matches start during normal work hours with men's matches on later, which will certainly be used as more evidence that "people don't want to watch women's cricket".

folks! Should I still be using pipenv and Pipfile for new projects in 2021? Or should I be focusing on poetry now as it uses the increasingly standard pyproject.toml?

I've been using and recommending pipenv for ages but the community that I'm now on the edges of seem to prefer poetry, and the poetry2nix tool makes it much better integrated with nix than pipenv is. Plus there's PEP518

Covid; UK politics; sweary 

What a fucking surprise. Huge numbers of football fans are now testing +ve for covid after screaming unmasked at each other at Wembley for 2+ hours last weekend. :ohno:

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Rugged individualism is the biggest lie ever sold to Americans and is a scam to keep welfare costs and taxes low for the wealthy.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

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I agree with him about network effects and I want to add something here about switching costs. You might join an messaging service because of network effects (you want to talk to the users who are already there), but you *stay* because of switching costs.

If you quit a service, you quit the friends who use it. If those friends matter a lot to you, then the service operator can do pretty terrible things to you (like invading your privacy) and you'll still stick around.


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This week, I've been trying out httpx, the spiritual successor to the amazing Python module requests, and it's pretty great.

Mostly a drop-in replacement, but should make it more seamless when I want to start doing more stuff asynchronously, because the time is coming when I really ought to get my head around that! :BlobCat:

Job opportunity; scholarly communications 

Come and work with us! We have a vacancy for a new Scholarly Communications Lead, closing date 15th August. Based in London or Boston Spa. britishlibrary.recruitment.zel

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Someone on Twitter mentioned that in some regions of Germany, a common idiom for whenever there's mist in the forest is "The foxes are making coffee", and thought the image was evocative enough for an illustration.

Well, I took the bait! 🦊☕

#MastoArt #CreativeToot #Lineart

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"This study, called for by autistic people and led by an autistic researcher, is the first to explore ‘autistic inertia,’ a widespread and often debilitating difficulty acting on intentions. [It] is unique in considering difficulty initiating tasks of any type in real life settings, and by gathering qualitative data directly from autistic people."

“No Way Out Except From External Intervention”: First-Hand Accounts of Autistic Inertia

#Autism #ASD #ActuallyAutistic

Posting your breakfast has very 2007 birdsite energy, but the fruit in this picture was on the plant less than 10 minutes ago

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Hi #LazyWeb

Where is that blogpost about how building software is like building a bridge, but when you start you realize the nails are all weird, the nail box is on fire and there's a fence in a weird place but nobody dares remove it because nobody knows why it's there and the guy who put it there quit two years ago?

The blog is called like "Can't stop drinking" or "Software is awful" or somehow both.
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any #greek speakers here? i've been asked to make a 3x5 pixel art font for greek characters, and i would like to know how to make some of these characters more distinct/readable if possible.

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