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I should probably do a little (re)introduction. I lead on research data stuff at the British Library, including supporting internal researchers and services for BL users.

- I run the UK DataCite Consortium :doi:
- I'm a Software Sustainability Institute Fellow
- I'm passionately into all things open, especially open research
- I contribute to communities like,,,

Huh, looks like the fediverse has trolls too. Who knew.

Also, applications are now open to join Cohort 3, running from February to May 2021! If you want mentoring and support to become an ambassador and leader for Open Science (yes, potentially including social science, humanities and arts!), you should definitely apply.

It's a 16-week programme based on the Mozilla Open Leader programme based on 3 principles: Sharing; Connecting; Empowering.

Programme info:
Application link:

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It's been an absolute honour to be part of the family for the last few months, mentoring some of our fantastic project leads to build communities around their open projects.

If you want to find out what they've been up to, come along to one or more of our graduation sessions in a couple of weeks: you're all invited!

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A bit of an informal survey

How long do you typically sleep?

Also, are your weekend sleep hours different from weekdays or is there any particular day(s) where it changes from the usual?

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reaching dangerous jam levels

(05%) ■□□□□□□□□□

Just watched the Joan Hickson version of Agatha Christie's Nemesis. Still amazing.

Also, Cook & Barrow would make a brilliant spinoff series...

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reading an article from the economist and

> Tools that Silicon Valley has produced, such as email, video conferencing and messaging, make it possible to work remotely, which will help more companies expand in less expensive states.

damn, didn't know that ARPANET (email), Luxembourg (Skype), and Israel (ICQ) were part of Silicon Valley now

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Just spent a brilliant hour watching Gears For Queers authors Abigail Melton & Lilith Cooper talking to Kate Rawles for Kendal Literature Festival. Was a live event, but available for catch-up until the end of December.

The talk: player.kendalmountainfestival.
Their blog:

Premature seasonal content 

I know it's not even December yet but I needed some Christmas music today and I'm not apologising to anyone for it. 🎄🎶🎄

One of the hardest things about being a line manager is integrity: following through on your promises, not making promises you can't keep and dealing gracefully when you're inevitably human and have to break a promise anyway.

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You don't hear about the people keeping to themselves and staying in, because

1. That's the same shit they've been doing.
2. They have nothing to report, they're not getting sick.
3. Assholes making this shit worse is way more interesting to talk about.

Just remember, there are still huge swaths of us taking this seriously. Your FOMO is valid, and we're sharing that pain together.

He's having a bit of a day today though. Seems like the autocue is running a bit slow for him.

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I am very much here for Euronews Tonight's Oliver Whitfield-Miocic and his Geordie accent.

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TFW you can't attend HR's "free wellbeing seminar" on avoiding burnout because you have too much to do and too many meetings to attend.

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