Advice request for anti-ablism 

Can anyone suggest more inclusive alternatives to the phrase "blind spot" please, in the sense of an area where you're lacking necessary skills/knowledge but aren't aware of the deficiency?

E.g. The Carpentries instructor training manual suggests "awareness gap"

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Advice request for anti-ablism 

@petrichor But ... how many visually impaired people actually care about that, much less find it offensive? Because I've only ever seen these kinds of things been pushed into our mouthes by very much abled people who think they are being good allies by speaking "on our behalf".
There are so many changes people can make to benefit disabled people. This honestly isn't one of them. Please, if you mean to use "blind spot", just bloody well use it. :(

Advice request for anti-ablism 

@petrichor Maybe we can import the French "angle mort"?

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