New question for tablet owners: do you read epubs on it? Where do you obtain eBooks in DRM-free epub format?

@petrichor I read on mine daily. I'm a book club member with Verso, DRM free books 1st of every month. Also get some from Gutenberg.

@petrichor There’s also the gratis eBook of the Month Club on, StoryBundle and I’ve listed a few shops here:

Are you also interested in illegal online libraries?


@petrichor Oh, and many authors are on, all the books I’ve downloaded from there were DRM free, but I don’t know if that’s a rule of the platform.


@tastytea Thanks, that's a really useful list. I have a good independent local bookstore so I'm happy to buy print copies of stuff I can't easily get without DRM.

@oppen Huh, I'd not come across Verso but looks like the publish the kind of stuff that I'd like to read more of, thanks!

I really should cut down on new tech, it's a bad habit I've got into.

@petrichor same here, that's why I got refurbished one. Verso is heavily socialist, it's radicalising me!

@oppen I think mastodon is already radicalising me! 🤣 :Antifa:

@petrichor reMarkable also sell returned/refurbished devices if you're on the whole no new tech/gadgets thing. I got the 1st gen model and it was as-new

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