Looking for recommendations of software/services to live-subtitle my own talk when presenting through a platform I have no control over.

Context: I'm giving a presetation via GoToWebinar. GTW's transcription & subtitling is awful so the organisers have, quite reasonably, asked me to turn on the subtitles feature in Powerpoint. Except... I'm not using Powerpoint. :BlobCat:


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The option I know of is, which works pretty well with my voice. I could share a link to the transcription at the start of my talk, but getting it to appear on-screen is clumsy, so I'm looking for other options too.

It's worth adding that all the search results I can find fall into one of: a) here's how to turn on subtitles in Powerpoint; or b) here's how to get subtitles when playing back a video.

@petrichor You could tell them that you don't use Powerpoint and ask what they suggest?

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