I'm thinking about getting an Android phone, as... maybe... a replacement for my iPhone, but I'm not giving up the iPhone just getting another phone to see if I can live with Android nowadays. So, I looked at the Samsung S21 and... no headphone jack. But I want good performance from my phone.

@devinprater Weirdly, I don't think the lack of a headphone jack would bother me these days: I have a nice little USB DAC that works perfectly with my Samsung phone and drives my headphones better than any built-in DAC in the phone could

@petrichor Oh, really? Does it connect like, is it a cable, or what? Because I'd have that thing in all the time and I don't want the wire to break through constant use like the Lightning to 3.5 MM connector did. And are there two USB C ports on the phone, or will I have to get some kind of splitter, or does the DAC have that already?

@devinprater Sort-of: it's a standard USB A plug so you need a USB A to C adaptor, but that's much cheaper to replace if it breaks! Only one USB C on mine, but it will charge wirelessly with the DAC plugged in, and works nicely with small USB C hubs/splitters too.

@petrichor Oh, even with the S21? I thought it came with a plastic back, so it couldn't be charged wirelessly.


@devinprater Ah, mine is an S9 and charges wirelessly, but it looks like the S21 also supports wireless charging.

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