I love how in NixOS if I want to try out a package I can do `nix-shell -p $PKGNAME` and it gives me a shell with that package available to run. Then if I don't want to install it permanently I just exit the shell and it will eventually be garbage-collected with no further input from me.

If I *do* want to keep it, I add it to my configuration and it's available on every machine where I use that configuration.

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@petrichor That's very cool, I've heard lots of good things about NixOS but am hesitant about making the switch. How long have you been using NixOS? Did you have any migration issues from another OS?

@jrhawley To be fair, you don't have to use nixos to get that superpower, you can install the nix package manager on your current distro and it stays out of the way of your distro package manager. I did that for about 6 months first before migrating. Depends what you're used to, but the NixOS install process is fairly manual, similar to installing Archlinux.

@petrichor Right, I've seen this before. I forgot that there was some confusion over "Nix" being used for the package manager, the name of the markup language, and the Linux OS itself.

Good to know that you were able to use the package manager for a long time! That garbage collection feature you mentioned seems pretty useful, I think I should try this out at some point

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