What format(s) should I be using to add to Feel free to reply with other options. :boost_requested:

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I guess this isn't something that many people have strong opinions on, but combining 🐘 and 🐦 votes it's 3:1 in favour of microdata, which sort of agrees with my gut too. I'll also be taking a look at embedded JSON-LD which takes a slightly different approach of putting all the metadata in a single <script> tag.

@acka47 Also interesting! I'm currently leaning towards embedding metadata markup within the content, so I'd be interested in your thoughts on the pros and cons of that vs the slightly separate JSON-LD approach

@petrichor Pros: Google recommends JSON-LD (; every web developer understands JSON(-LD); embeded JSON is easier to handle for lots of use cases Cons: You can not directly add semantic markup to HTML contet as with RDFa.

@petrichor I missed the poll but I would have voted for JSON-LD and RDFa in that order.

@petrichor JSON-LD because it doesn't get screwed up if you change your HTML template, and is relatively easy to consume as plain old JSON for simple stuff without needing a special parser.

RDFa because it is as expressive as JSON-LD (for example the @rev property; microdata's @itemprop-reverse is still "experimental" 7 years later). But like microdata it has the drawback of being brittle when elements get moved around, etc.

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