Does anyone have a good workflow for converting articles & blog posts on the web to epub (preferred) or pdf for later reading on an ereader?

@petrichor Calibre can convert RSS feeds to EPUB, but you might have to write the recipe yourself: (existing recipes)

If you want just one article, you can use pandoc -o test.epub URL.

@tastytea Ooh thanks, being able to give pandoc a url directly is a useful thing that I didn't know about!

@petrichor Dotepub used to be pretty good for this (haven't used it in a while though, so no idea how well this holds up today)

@petrichor If your ereader supports Pocket (or some other RIL app) that's probably the most convenient method.

For sites that aren't handled well by Pocket (like some academic journals) I've set up a keyboard macro that saves the page to an html file, then converts that file to epub using Pandoc. For pages that convert more easily, you can use a macro that just feeds the URL directly to Pandoc — fewer steps, less cleanup. Output it to a folder that auto-uploads when your reader is connected.

Probably considered old-fashioned, but if the document is predominantly text, save in html, otherwise if useful images are included, the web browser menu bar option 'print to file', to produce pdf.
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