Should programs that use the $EDITOR environment variable try to fork&exec it directly or interpret it as a shell command?

If I set EDITOR="emacsclient -t", some programs do the right thing while others complain that "emacsclient -t" can't be found in $PATH. I'm trying to decide whether to report bugs for some programs that take the latter path.

(Yes, I could stick a one-line script on my path somewhere, but that's not ideal.)

@petrichor According to environ(7) from the Linux Programmer’s Manual, “Any string acceptable as a command_string operand to the sh -c command shall be valid.” in EDITOR/VISUAL.

By the way, if you want to nitpick, tell them to use $VISUAL instead, because $EDITOR should be set to a line editor. 🤓

@tastytea Ah, thanks, that's good to know. I thought it would be something like that...

@petrichor In the name of all that's secure, please don't execute environment variables!

That's just insane.

@nomad @petrichor Any software that can make you run your favorite program with an altered $EDITOR can put a keylogger in the XDG autostart folder, set your default http handler to emacs and rewrite your .bashrc to call the cops.
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