Hey folks, here's an opportunity to learn more about supporting open science/research through a 10-week programme of training and mentoring: The Open Life Science (OLS) program helps individuals and stakeholders in research to become Open Science ambassadors.

Applications are now open for cohort 6, closing on 7 July

I've been an Expert and Mentor for several previous cohorts and I can say from. the heart this is a lovely community to be part of.

Don't be put off by the "life science" part of the name: that's how it started but it's actually open to anyone with an interest in promoting thoughtful, community-oriented openness in any discipline.

If you're already active in this area: they're also recruiting volunteer experts, who may be asked to give talks or do consultations with participants. This is how I got involved, and it's really rewarding. :BlobCatHeart:

@yoyehudi and @malvikasharan are core team members if you have questions

@petrichor I could definitely be interested in being a volunteer expert to speak or to consult with participants. @yoyehudi @malvikasharan

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