First outdoor swim of the year this morning. Missed it so much, and it was beautiful with the sun just up and mist rising off the water. (Photo by my wife :BlobCatHeart: )

I feel this so hard every time I delve into trying to make something look reasonable on the Web instead of just writing words.

My wonderful alarm call this morning from the male blackbird who claims our back garden as his territory.

I particularly enjoy his Woody Woodpecker and Bart Simpson impressions. 😍

This is not my cat. But I'm wondering if @netkitty has visited me in a cybernetic avatar...

Me, to the FSF right now 

"Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle."


Wales are playing France this evening to decide the winner of the Rugby Union 6 Nations, and you know what that means, don't you?

Oh wait, you don't? Sorry! In this house it means Welsh cakes for tea! In particular, cheesy leek Welsh cakes.

Found my old graphing calculator from A-level maths. Popped in a new set of AAAs and it works like new! Used to have hours of fun programming this thing in maths lessons.

I had a play with pywal at the weekend and got (and my window manager, which is ) set up with colour schemes pulled from my desktop background. I find it quite pleasing. I still need to do something about the colours of the bar at the top though.

Image is Low Tide by Stefanie Buchanan
pywal is on github

Not sure I like the way this peanut butter is looking at me.

WTF Virgin Media? Our modem has rebooted several times this week *in the middle of meetings*, but there was no prior warning of this "upgrade".

This book is an excellent read and gives a wide range of perspectives on the lived experience of being regarded as an immigrant in Britain today.

I actually feel justified in saying that I'm rather proud of my sourdough these days. It's consistently turning out like this now which is very satisfying.

Graph visualisation + video compression = glitch art! 😆

From a presentation by Dr Amir Aryani of Swinburne University of Technology as part of conference.

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