This is just a brilliant way of visualising noisy data

Allen M, Poggiali D, Whitaker K et al. Raincloud plots: a multi-platform tool for robust data visualization [version 2; peer review: 2 approved]. Wellcome Open Res 2021, 4:63 (

I'm pretty sure this applies to a lot of the academic presentation advice I've heard over the years. Source:

Ablism from a professional body 

Oh dear, this is what text-only browsers and screen readers get when trying to browse the website of CILIP, the UK's professional association for library & information professionals. Not a good look.

Telling someone "not to be so sensitive" might seem to work because the behaviour changes, but it's often more harmful than helpful.

Logged into Windows for some Sunday afternoon gaming. Windows has other ideas.

We made snow friends! ❄️❄️❄️⛄

Snow cat by E, snow person a joint effort

Looks like someone's been reading their Calvin and Hobbes

Our house is not as cold as a certain person is trying to make out

Is your library closed or otherwise hard to visit at the moment? Are you missing it? Fear not, because the fabulous Giulia Carla Rossi ( has made this simulator of The British Library for your enjoyment and edification:

🐦 crosspost 


Happy New Year 2021! 🎆

We start the year with the application webinar for our 3rd round tomorrow, 4 Jan at 11:00 UTC. Here is the shared doc with Zoom link:

Join the OLS team for a short presentation and Q&A session related to your application.


This happens so rarely that I couldn't possibly move and disturb him. Lasted nearly half an hour! E got up to make lunch so that I didn't have to, but that just prompted him to get up and occupy her spot on the sofa... :BlobCatGooglyShrug:

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