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I've seen a bit of chat about #a11y / #Accessibility this week. Does anyone know if there's a way to stop the Mastodon interface auto-completing hashtags in all lower case? Totally kills any attempt at PascalCase for better screen reader parsing.

re: DS9 spoilers 

@stolas @dumpsterqueer Oh yeah, that is a weird one

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we need to stop using the language of capitalism to justify the conscious decision to not make software accessible. there are no “market forces.” there’s just the people you listened to, and the people you ignored.

Linux, not serious (probably...) 

Let's see if we can get a patch to enable kernel modules written in Scratch into the Linux mainline...

If anyone is in the Venn diagram overlap of emacs users and reMarkable tablet havers, you might find this useful:

@mark Just make it all free-text. What could possibly go wrong?

@OpenScienceFeed Yes, it would be much easier if that were true, but unfortunately it isn't, which is why I needed to post the reminder.

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Some call it a cost, some call it a boon: a side effect of hyperspace jumps is the loss of a memory.
It's said those travelling to the stars generally settle when they no longer remember why they left.
I hope you have settled.
I wish I could tell you I forgave you years ago.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Can't believe I need to repeat this, but as a conference session chair, keeping to time is not only respectful of the time and attention of the audience, it's also part of your responsibility to make the conference accessible to all.

@moiety A bit niche, but I've just heard a presenter talking about their national CRIS system (

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@petrichor I do always need them. Abbreviations are like a secret language within a language. And everybody magically knows the language, but often I have no idea what things mean.

@shahaan @tindall @cadadr @devinprater Oh, I have no headspace for their bullshit today: their response to Devin plus the RMS defending in their timeline warranted an immediate block. :BlobCat:

Occasional request to spell out your content warnings in full. I don't always need them, but when I'm out of spoons, figuring out what 'ment', 'mh', 'ukpol' etc. takes up energy.

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I'm gonna let you in on a little secret 

Most coders are not very good at coding, they're just OK at it. Some of them are bad it. Same with any profession.

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Imagine if everyone's stance regarding public policy were "I went through all this pain and I hope no one else has to" instead of "I went through all this pain, and I hope people who were completely innocent and did not benefit from my suffering in any way all suffer like I did."

Alt text: two pairs hands holding each other drawn as line art on a nebula background. Caption reads: "I'm sorry that someone you loved made you think it was hard to love you"

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