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Stop abuse of neuro-divergent folk 

This is horrifying. Please stop this kickstarter product.
(Boost or sign please!!!!!!!!)

WTF Virgin Media? Our modem has rebooted several times this week *in the middle of meetings*, but there was no prior warning of this "upgrade".

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Gotta hand it to Microsoft. I'm looking at a laptop running Windows Home Edition and their new Microsoft Edge browser truly is the best browser for downloading a different browser.

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TERFs, genderfeels 

Damn I love this angle on it. I'd never connected all these dots before.

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#IBus, #XIM, #Emacs experts, please take a look at this - possibly inter-connected - bug and see if you can help fixing it:

Spaces are added at wrong places when typing in #Sinhala in Emacs:


#Unicode #IM #GNU #Linux

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question to all trans people with children. Does your role in family (mother / father) align with your gender? Mainly as how you and your children see you and talk to or about you? Replies with more detailed explanation are more than welcome.

For the context, I'm trans woman and father. I consider it as a very loose role that isn't tied to gender.

Boosts welcome!

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if you want to make a blockchain powered thing i recommend designing it, and then just removing the blockchain part. it will still be a cool project i promise you

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From Sarah Sahim's chapter on casteism: "Structural racism can divide a community that would be stronger together, by keeping individual groups entrenched in their own class."

This is the essence of the modern ruling class approach: divide and rule.

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This book is an excellent read and gives a wide range of perspectives on the lived experience of being regarded as an immigrant in Britain today.

New Code for Thought episode out, this time focusing on the team at AfricarXiV who do great work making African more visible

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we will help Black people find free books/articles/etc 

If you are Black & need help finding a digital copy of any book or article, Sin Yovo Document Reproduction is here to help! feel free to send replies or DMs with requests. can't promise to find everything but will make an effort for anything y'all ask for. No one will be here for Us except Us.

(nonblack boosts welcome for visibility as well as volunteers if you can help with a request that's unmet)

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If anyone has suggestions for #lowtech/#smalltech web zines that would be! Much appreciated! I saw a neocities webring for low-tech sites but I feel like I don't find anything that quite fits otherwise unless it's spontaneously on fedi
--> specifically a website built or framed around using as low-tech as one could manage

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Bonjour tout le monde,

Je m’appelle Alexis, j’ai 23 ans et je suis titré #TSSR (Technicien Supérieur Systèmes et Réseaux, équivalent Bac+2) et je cherche un poste de #sysadmin, soit dans le cadre d’une formation en #Alternance pour un titre #ASR (Administrateur Systèmes et Réseaux), soit en CDI. Je suis localisé sur Rennes et cherche un poste sur cette ville ou alentours, ou alors en télétravail complet.

Ci-joint une partie de mon CV montrant mes compétences. Contactez-moi par message privé pour mon adresse mail et mon CV complet.

J’ai deux ans d’expérience en tant qu’administrateur systèmes et réseaux et technicien helpdesk chez Technicolor chez qui j’ai réalisé de 2018 à 2020 mon alternance pour le titre TSSR.

Un exemple de mon travail personnel est présent sur le fedivers :, un serveur Mastodon, infrastructure hébergée chez OVH, dont je gère tout le reste des aspects techniques au-delà.

Boosts bienvenus !

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