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Financial fraud terminology question 

Can anyone remind me of the name of the fraudulent financial trading technique where you collude with other people to sell a thing to them and then have them sell it back to you to inflate the apparent market value of the thing? Illegal with real money but being used a lot to pump up the crypto and NFT markets?

UK politics; HE industrial action 

Thinking today of former colleagues in UK HE who are out on strike to protest the worsening conditions in the sector. ✊

Also supportive of folks who've chosen to cross the picket lines: striking is a financially and emotionally expensive thing to do and it's ok to decide that you can't.

Another genderless insult you can use when your team loses 


@SuricrasiaOnline *takesdeepbreath* The tale about the study with the monkeys that get sprayed with water when they try to climb a pole with a banana on top and then keep each other from doing that and learn from each other and when you succesively exchange them one by one and then they keep on keeping each other away from the pole (by using violence) even though none of the monkeys remember the first monkey that climbed the pole. It's made up. *gasps*

TIL: Inverness celebrates an official public holiday for Samhain!

Hey #neurodivergent folks! Have you joined the BIPOC-founded and led neurodivergent forum, Sol Garden, yet? Wow you should because we're weird and awesome like you!

Here's our CoC, which I haven't read of updated in awhile but probably it's accurate:

White folx are vetted (not your diagnosis), because we prioritize the safety of our BIPOC members!

We are a safe space for all kinds of #neurodivergent folks, diagnosed professionally and/or self diagnosed! Share NaNoWriMo thoughts, ask for ideas to help with executive function, share your arts or other creations, or share a bunch of buzzfeed quizzes. Necro old threads! Or whatever!

Also we're a forum, not a masto instance :) Please make a public toot using #SolGardenInvite and we'll invite you! Eventually! (We can be slow, as you can imagine, and forgetful! It's ok to bug us after a couple weeks about it!)

mods/community facilitators are me, @ljwrites, and @pipon !

#neurodiversity #actuallyAutistic #ADHD #schizophrenia #Dyslexic and so on! #SolGarden

ActivityPub Solo: the social network that only lets you read your own posts

This is an intersting read in the Guardian

#Environment #climate #ecology

It discusses an important survey regarding how people feel about the environment, how much they think they are doing and what they think should be done.

Personally, I think it misses the main points though, or at least it fails to properly emphasize them.

First of all, there's good news: people are willing to do things, and they (think they) are already making some effort.


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