New Earth Day Poll: 86% of teachers think students should learn about climate change, but most do not talk about it in their own classrooms.

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I know that the Notre Dame is a very important landmark but the fact that billionaires have pledged over 600 million dollars in the first 24 hours to help fix it just really puts into perspective how easily rich people could help solve world issues if they cared

Facebook security lapse affects millions more Instagram users than first stated

News that the company had insecurely stored passwords came on the same day as the release of Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report
Facebook chose one of the busiest news days in American politics this year to admit that millions more Instagram users were affected by a security lapsethan it had previously disclosed.
At 10 am ET on Thursday, as attorney general William Barr wrapped up his news conference on the release of the report of special counsel Robert Mueller, Facebook updated a March 21 blog post, which revealed it had mistakenly stored the passwords of hundreds of millions of users unencrypted, to include a sentence admitting that millions more Instagram accounts had been affected.
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C'est pas brillant ! 🇫🇷


🔴 #RSFIndex ¦ RSF dévoile son Classement mondial de la #LibertéDeLaPresse 2019 :
1 : Norvège🇳🇴
2 : Finlande🇫🇮
3 : Suède🇸🇪
13 : Allemagne🇩🇪
32 : France🇫🇷
43 : Italie🇮🇹
48 : Etats-Unis🇺🇸
67 : Japon🇯🇵
105 : Brésil🇧🇷
179 : Corée du Nord🇰🇵
180 : Turkménistan🇹🇲


Its not a good look when three biggest powers on this tiny blue dot are ranked so low on the #worldPressFreedomIndex. #USA is at 48, #Russia healthy 101 behind of its cold war rival at 149 and everyones favourite one party dictatorship #China is ranked at cool 177 (last one is #Turkmenistan at 180)

#ffs #wtf #democracy #journalism #rsf

Switzerland and the State of Geneva have played an important role in supporting the growth of ProtonMail and @protonvpn. We are happy to share our story with members of the Directorate General for Economic Development and the Swiss startup community.

It's now official, we're buying land to start our ! We're settling in Silverto, Paredes de Coura in .

Good morning to you all and also @ Mastodon.

Mobile foam: Surf Portugal’s best waves – by B&B truck

The new Truck Surf Hotel is a bunkhouse on wheels that lets surfers catch waves at locations along the southwest coast, as well as taking in great views and food
‘You’ll see it in a minute, it’s just over this hill.”
I was in a car with Daniela and Eduardo, owners of a surf hotel, but instead of heading to the coast we were driving to a farm inland, near the town of Sagres at the south-western tip of Portugal.
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"I realized that her story is not defined by the moment she took her last breath. This is a story about her life and who she was."

Read about Ratner's experience spending many days and nights photographing a family dealing with a devastating diagnosis.

“Lola did not fear dying but, rather, being forgotten,” Ratner says. “I fell in love with her immediately and promised I would work my hardest to make sure her legacy lived on with integrity and grace.”

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