I just published my observations on making transit fareless, from analysis of Portland's transit authority's budget: jamey.thesharps.us/2019/12/12/

For the rest of the afternoon I'm attending a meeting of the Oregon Global Warming Commission, where part of their current draft proposal for reducing transportation emissions is to make transit fareless across the state: keeporegoncool.org/meeting-cal

This is something which has been done elsewhere in this state and is now being considered here in Portland too: portlandmercury.com/blogtown/2

So this is an exciting time!

To give us some pretty on UK election day, I thought I'd post 12 #Florespondence pics thoughout the day, one for each month of the year.

First up, Helleborus 'Painted Bunting'

#Plants #ElectionDayPretty

Why must libreoffice be so difficult? Getting consistent bullet formatting shouldn't be too much to ask at this point, should it? Gah.

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

just realised did ~not~ import all fields for all entries from my biber database. specifically, it seems like it can’t handle @crossrefs. this is going to be "fun".

at this point Zotero is starting to feel like more trouble than just doing the references manually. I could make a bogus Latex document to print the formatted references list and Ctrl+C it…

ok nerds let's do this I'll liveblog my deadline rush to finish this article

In northern Ethiopia, at 130 meters below sea level, in the hottest valley in the world, there exists a series of pools that look more alien than anything that should rightly be found on Earth.

This is the dangerously beautiful Dallol Volcano, and hydrothermal system, found in the Danakil depression. The highest point of the volcano reaches -48 meters above sea level. Brine pools and acidic liquid spout from the ground, building up salt and sulfuric pillars as temporary geysers build them. Here, not two but three tectonic plates move away from each other, causing the land to sink deeper and deeper, and bringing up minerals from deep within the Earth. In the next few million years, the Red Sea will eventually fill the depression.

The word Dallol, in the language of the Afar people, means disintegration. The Disintegration Volcano.

Holy shit. I just found they put all of Abenaki director Alanis Obomsawin's documentaries online free to stream. She's one of the best indigenous film makers


My website plantarum.ca/ has been extra static for the past three years. After much bumbling around, it's now updated to the most recent theme.

Maybe in another week I'll have some new content to go on it.

Use when away from the desktop - Zen Monk Alain M. Lafon - Conf 2019

organice looks like it could replace Orgzly for me, I'll be checking that out

If a character becomes a meme, but there are no GIFs of it, did it ever really go viral? That’s the question now facing the very adorable creature the Internet has named “Baby Yoda.” eff.org/takedowns/saga-disappe

dark #fantasy #review: 《 The Fifth Season 》, N K Jemisin 

Anybody know about nice DIY e-readers ?

Or second hand hackable e-readers that you could root and that have a nice UI/UX?

And with stoooooorage

#ebook #epub #diy

Look how pretty one of my African violets is righ now! It’s been blooming like this for weeks. #florespondence

A blog post I found in wild, about blogging in #orgMode using #Jekyll: pwills.com/post/2019/09/24/blo

What's interesting is that the author seems to be motivated to write an Org Mode to Markdown exporter for Jekyll just as I was for #Hugo.. and as I read through it, he mentions that bits and pieces he borrowed from #oxHugo for his exporter.

#feelsNice :)

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