@plantarum Thanks, it is a custom one made from a sandwich of PCBs. Inspired from Microsoft Natural keyboard and TGR Alice


@cyril I'd love to see the plate layout, have you posted it anywhere? I'm slowly working towards a custom board of my own, inspired by the Atreus and Keyboardio

@plantarum I started by printing the layout on paper to tweak it, then ordered a lasercut plate and handwired it. That was already pretty usable! You can find it here cyril.lugan.fr/assets/stash/20

@cyril yes, I'm just tweaking my paper layout now. Thanks for the link!

@plantarum I am planning to write a blog article on it, but it is not quite ready, just a few changed I would make:
- Use 1.5u keys on the sides indtead of 1.25u, to accommodate keycaps made for the ergodox
- Get the right palm key closer, like the left one

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