Looking for recommendations for sharing: considering pro, but could put the money into extra storage for on instead. Or something else - any suggestions?

@plantarum I've been wondering this recently myself and I'd love to hear what you wind up doing.

@jamey @plantarum not sure how well it applies to your needs, but if you want something federated, there's always #Pixelfed

@mathuin @plantarum Oh, I forgot about PixelFed! I'll have to see if that fits what I want.

@mathuin @jamey looks interesting. I might exceed the storage of the free instances (looks like 5GB?), but maybe I could host my own instead of using nextcloud for images

@plantarum @jamey I think it depends on the instance. But yeah, the author, @dansup , is on mastodon if you've got questions.

@jamey for storing/sharing high-res images, it's going to be hard to beat flickr/smugmug/500px on price. They each offer unlimited storage for about the cost of 20-40GB extra storage at . And presumably they are less likely to delete my files than I am to screw up my own server.

Still need to look more at ...

@AbbieNormal yes, if I could find an instance with super-generous upload limits that would work. I'd pay if that was an option, but I think most have fairly low limits.

Currently I'm using a Flickr Pro account, which gives me unlimited storage for the price of 40-60GB of self-storage on digitalocean.


You could run your own istance, self hosted or on some vps

That's what I was thinking of

Of course you should pay for storage

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