any users here know how I should insert my mastodon rel=me link to my site? Just getting (re)started, and not sure if this should go in my config.yml somehwere, or in an _include/ file?

@plantarum Depends on your template. If the template has _includes defined that look for your account from the config.yml, you can define it there. Otherwise you need to add that part in some template/include.

@jaranta thanks! I just saw that you are also using . I looked through the code and don't see anything in the includes (from my phone, so might have missed it), so I guess I'll need to add it myself. Do you use rel=me links? I'm just starting to learn about stuff, not sure how useful it is

@plantarum I had the rel=me links on the previous version of the website. Apparently Mastodon only checks them when you change the links, so they still show as verified, even if the current version doesn't have them. Sorry, if that is confusing!

I've tried a bunch of indieweb stuff, but it doesn't seem worth it, unless you like building your own tools. A lot of broken/unfinished tools that you need to somehow get working yourself.


@jaranta that's what I was wondering. It sounds like it might be a good idea in theory, but I'm not sure of the practical benefit. It's just my personal blog/unofficial work site, nothing that requires fancy federation/syndication.

Maybe I'll hold off on the stuff for now, and worry about getting my owncloud upgraded to nextcloud next. And maybe writing some more posts :BlobCatCoffee:

@plantarum I had a phase where I had a personal Known instance which integrated with Twitter and Instagram and had locations and reviews and ...

Also my blog used to fetch tweets as comments.

Now I have neither. Mostly because it wasn't very useful and a technical nightmare.

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