laptop shopping advice 

Hello tooters - I'm looking for a new . I used second-hand for years, but ran into problems replacing batteries on old models. Upgraded to a Dell 13 7380 a couple years ago, and they have already stopped making batteries for this particular model.


laptop shopping advice 

My needs are modest - 13" screen, runs linux, and can be maintained for 5 years. I don't mind replacing the battery every year or two, but not if it means buying refurbished from sketchy 'batteries-are-us' websites.

I'm considering a new or recently used thinkpad, but would be interested in hearing about the longevity of and ? Or any other user-maintainable/upgradable options.

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laptop shopping advice 

update: Dell has definitely cancelled my battery, but after contacting tech support I got the model number. You'd think this would be listed in the online specs, but you'd be wrong.

Ordered a replacement from Amazon. Tech support decidedly unhelpful when it comes to identifying non-shady resellers.

Hopefully this keeps my machine running for another year

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