Anyone managing an email list? Trying to manage my comm association list using . Mostly fine, but >3-4 messages/hour hits our cap for 100 members, and 10-20% of messages bounce for no reason.

Any suggestions for alternative hosts or software?


Should have started with the hidden tenons - this one is going under the seat of a stool, and it's pretty darn clean for my standards. The tenons that support the seat, and will be clearly visible in the final product, are... less clean

My just arrived. Very sturdy build, with a nice default layout. This will be fun!

Picked up the new as a portable travel camera. The kit lens isn't as exciting as the one with the Fujifilm T30, but it's sure fun to shoot with!

Back in . Not certain, but I think black fly season might finally be over

The landscape here is spectacular, so lucky we had clear sunny skies and mostly calm water

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Started my adventure today, flew out from under dense fog in Goose Bay en route to

just noticed day one's posts got deleted, probably due to my not including captions. oopsie. Here's what I started with:

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Finished! Needs a bit of shaping and smoothing, but that will come gradually as we get used to each other. It already takes nice thin shavings

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