So has anyone started using it as a daily driver yet?

just finished . The sequel to the Golem & the Djinni, and even better!

Highly recommended for people interested in thoughtful, inspiring fantasy, firmly rooted in Jewish & Syrian immigrant communities of NYC circa 1910s

@alissa @platypus yes! And it varies by tea type. Only black and some wulong should be steeped near 100 C. Greens need water between 70-85 C. I only order black in restaurants, because most places scald their green teas in boiling water.

It's possible I may be a bit fussy about my tea :LatteTentacle:

@cantinto I use Kobo for that reason. There are also a few independents, but I don't have much experience with them

The #Emacs #Lockin Effect or the Emacs Sunk Cost Fallacy

Using Emacs only just because I stopped thinking of a different tool? Well, I'd like to give a different view point on that.
#publicvoit #orgmode #PIM

Are there any good books on how to do beautiful layout in LaTeX? I have most of the Addison Wesley / Pearson / InformIT books but wondered if there was some brave soul out there that has something more like a tutorial of not only "put these commands here to make this work" but also goes into the "why" of the design they chose.

(Note: this is a specific question for a specific item. Alternatives are not requested. Spitballing web searches are not helpful. I want an artifact, not Stack Overflow).

@craigmaloney I would also be interested in this! Whenever I've looked, I've come up with LaTeX books, or typesetting/design books, but not one that combined both

Spotted a Cyana sp. moth pupa surrounded by a cage of its own spines at Chestnut Nature Park, Singapore, on 19 July 2021. Silk threads hold the pupa in the middle of the cage, and the discarded caterpillar skin outside it.

When the caterpillar of this family of moths is ready to pupate, it builds a cage of spines from its discarded caterpillar skin for protection.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Moths #Lepidoptera

interestingly, scrolling through my birdsite timeline, I'm finding surprisingly few accounts I actually want to see. It's really only the handful of personal friends I have there that I miss here. Otherwise, it's just my masochism-driven urge to doom-scroll

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I don't imagine this will be useful for personal accounts, since it's one-way (can't respond from mastodon). But it is nice for journals & orgs whose announcements I'd like to receive

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just discovered which creates mastodon bot accounts that mirror birdsite accounts. Nice way to selectively bring some of the good content from the darkside into my timeline

I assume boosting such tweet/toots would be rude?

Is there a good guide for getting started with digital music making on Linux? And information about getting started making music in general? My budget for learning materials is $0

Firefox's Reader view has a "Listen" feature, integrating text-to-speech.

Apart from feeding text to the operating system's default TTS, it has useful extras such as focussing and scolling the current paragraph, underlining the current word (karaoke-style), and overriding the speed and voice.

I especially like that it can pause/resume and go back a paragraph—which macOS's adhoc "speak" command for selected text cannot.

#firefox #tts #texttospeech #voiceover #a11y #accessibility #TIL

A "podcast" behind a paywall is not a podcast.

A "podcast" that only one app can receive is not a podcast.

A "podcast" without a public feed that can be freely pulled into any podcast client or RSS reader is not a damn podcast, don't let people get away with calling it that.


Hi fedi, I am going to write a guide to choose a fediverse instance. If you're on a public one, can you review it? Some hint questions, but don't feel limited by them:

- Is the local timeline active?
- Are people friendly?
- What topic do people often talk about?
- Is there a diversity in points of view or or do you feel more like an echo chamber?
- Anything noteworthy not in the about page?

Boost appreciated

(See also my notice below)

Inkscape For Students The Series (In Progress)

Sharing is very appreciated.

Intro, what is Inkscape and everything:

Preface of the series:

Preparations, like downloading and installing Inkscape:

Open and save drawings:

Fonts, getting them to use with Inkscape:

Text, the basics you should master:

#Inkscape #Computer #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

Q: What’s your advice to others who want to see more accurate Native/Indigenous representations of their tribes in cities?

Ojibwe artist Andrea Carlson answers: ¨Listen to Native people. Go to our presentations, our exhibitions, and read our books. Antagonize the settler mentality that lives in your head -- I must do that too. Question institutions that don’t acknowledge the Indigenous land that they are built upon.¨

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