@jaranta the combined timeline is interesting. Not great for Mastodon though, as there's so many more tweets than toots.

Today's threads (a thread).

Inside: Minneapolis racists threaten arson over BLM signs; White House recants "antifa bricks" conspiracy; Rave for "Poesy the Monster Slayer"; Autodetecting autogenerated text; AMC's bankruptcy is the first domino in monopolist collapse; and more!

Archived at: pluralistic.net/2020/06/04/cro



@bgcarlisle how do I do that? Just copy-paste the text? Or is there a client program that will automate crossposting?

so much important conversation happening on the bird site right now - is there a good way to crosspost with Mastodon? I'd like to siphon some of the good content over to here, and share my toots back to my bird followers.

Eventually I want to cut all ties to the bird, but at the moment their are larger conversations going on I want to participate in

AT&T epitomizes the failure of America's corporate regulation. After the company spent millions on dirty tricks to help Trump's FCC Chairman Ajit Pai kill Net Neutrality, it went on a stock-buyback spree while reducing its network improvement budget.

Capex continued to suffer, even after the company got a $20B tax cut from the Trump tax deal.

One thing the company DID spend on was acquisitions, going on a buying spree that included acquiring Time-Warner and Dish.


K-pop fandom is feared all over the net for its power to mobilize bazillions of stans to flood servers with fancams - short videos of K-pop stars performing.

Now, they're disrupting authoritarians.


It started on Sunday, when K-pop fancams overwhelmed the Dallas Police Department's snitchline, where people had been asked to submit videos of protesters breaking the law. DPD surrendered and shut it down.


Gig economy delivery apps claim that they're operating "two-sided markets," connecting delivery people with restaurants. Actually, they're useless, overcapitalized, predatory, money-haemorrhaging parasites.

They raise titanic sums of money from the likes of Softbank (a front for Saudi oil money) and then pay sub-starvation wages to riders while extracting such massive commissions from restaurants (disguised as "advertising fees," etc) that they lose money on the transaction.


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Hey, does anyone know if there's any way I can use my iPad as a graphics tablet with Linux?

I mean, I /have/ a secondary Mac that supports the new Sidecar thing, so I /can/ use that, but it'd be nice to use it with my main system if that's possible.

Boosts would be much appreciated! :boost_requested:

#iPad, #Linux, #art, #drawing, #GraphicsTablet

@deshipu @kensanata interesting, but I think my problem is that my password requires entering characters on different layers, some shifted, and without seeing them as I type I rarely get it right on the first try :)

@kensanata I absolutely cannot enter passwords with it, though!

@kensanata that should be fixable? I can flash mine from Debian without issue. I mean, I have occasionally done something that required opening it up to physically ground the reset pin, but that's been user error as far as I can tell. @technomancy

All I can do is kindly ask that if you are inviting people to Mastodon on other social media, Telegram groups or whatever else, please please use the joinmastodon.org page instead of linking to mastodon.social specifically. Thank you

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Plausible website is now lightweight and emits less carbon. Our web analytics script is tiny too. 1.4 KB compared to Google Tag Manager/Analytics being 45.7 KB in total.

Here's how lightweight web analytics can reduce the carbon footprint of your site plausible.io/lightweight-web-a

Looking for on running inside a
docker container on MacOS. Working across multiple machines and managing dependencies are doing my head in. Any favourite containers to recommend that I can build on? Seen a good write-up?

it gets worse, as she washes her face by spitting in her hands, and rubbing it all over

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three weeks . Getting into the swing. Worst thing is my disgusting who washes her hands by licking them!

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