Happy Lunar New Year. Since a red picture usually accompany such greetings, here's a photo of a Common Parasol (Neurothemis fluctuans) dragonfly, showing off the details of its red wings taken at Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore, on 24 Jan, 2020.

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/3 ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Photography #Singapore #Insects #Dragonflies #Odonata

me when I try to use awk and it doesn't work: g god, fuck awk seriously

me when I try to use awk and it works: awk is a gift to us from the gods. it is perfect, and humanity would be doomed without it. its language can be used to express everything and it is as pure as running water. Truly an awe-inspiring piece of software

ereader recommendation help 

as a penance for publicly complaining about a volunteer project, I've sent @bzg a small thank you for his work on . Merci beaucoup!

Of course today is the day the website is down; I just found a bug in the version I'm running, installed at the end of December.

Those guys take the 'move fast and break things' thing a bit too seriously sometimes, I think.

From HN discussion - "This is why I use ad blockers and a pi-hole server" (news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2)

This is GDPR in action. Wow.

This looks like a cool project.

"The Open Book aims to be a simple device that anyone with a soldering iron can build for themselves. The Open Book should be comprehensible: the reader should be able to look at it and understand, at least in broad strokes, how it works. It should be extensible, so that a reader with different needs can write code and add accessories that make the book work for them."


#TheOpenBook #OddlySpecific #Arduino

sometimes i use the amazing vim command ":%s/\S/A/g | %s/A\s\|A$/AH!! /g" to have my code reflect how i feel. example follows:

RT @scihub_love
The latest Sci-Hub working domain(Last check time:Thu, 23 Jan 2020 17:13:01 GMT)

Please retweet to your friends,help us become stronger!

Got my #mechanicalkeyboard wrist rest pad ready. It is done in my local woodwork shop for Rs. 250

If I buy this online, it costs around Rs. 1600 😉

the plural of brussel sprout really ought to be brussels sprout.

me: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, all one species

student: is that true? are you lying to me?

me: I'm your supervisor. everything I tell you is, by definition, true

student: I think that's also not true

me: also kale!

@Cyborgneticz guilt does seem to be the common bond between Jews and Catholics

There are some great books. I really liked "The golem and the djinn", starring one of each of those, in a story about immigrants and relocation.

@Cyborgneticz oh right. Never thought about that, but I guess Jews and Catholics have very different perspectives on the supernatural.

What would a Jewish Exorcist be like? I imagine it's a rabbi who comes around with his golem to help with yard work and stuff.

I now own reading glasses, because old. They work really well for reading, and close-up chiseling, and I guess computering. But when I need to look at something further than arm's reach away, it is a bit nauseating. Normal?

My middle to long vision is apparently still too normal to warrant non-reading type glasses

@Cyborgneticz not to be argumentative, but I think you know EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN.

What kind of ghosts?

@Cyborgneticz what a coincidence - sounds like they also have a weird roommate!


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