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also helpful, since the dialog GUI uses the work "OK" on the button you use to start a computation.

Prior to running an analysis, 'OK' intuitively suggests that you're 'OK' to start. Afterwards, 'OK' could just as well be an acknowledgement that the analysis was completed. I've hit that "OK" several times now, thinking it would close the dialog, rather than repeat the analysis again :(

Maybe "Start" would be more intuitive here.

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It would be nice if had an option to cancel a calculation, so you wouldn't have to wait minutes while your rasters were aligned to the wrong reference :/

Hey tooters:

I'm looking for an alternative to google music for music. What are folks listening to?

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printf "now - %d days\n" {1..332044} |date -f- +%Y%_m%_d$'\n'%Y%m%d |tr -d ' ' > alldates.txt; rev alldates.txt >revdates.txt; paste alldates.txt revdates.txt |awk '$1==$2{print $1}' # Show that there have been several palindrome dates between now and 1111AD. Zero padded or not.

day two of : got lots done, very intuitive interface with lots of power tucked inside.

And then - I discovered that you have the option to use absolute or relative file paths for your datasources. That's great! Sadly, both the absolute and relative paths are transformed such that they don't actually point to your file, so it's not as useful as you might expect.

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Most of you know I blog about #orgmode #emacs and sometimes #linux but I am also getting into #photography :

Any advice on how to reach the audience? Not as simple as it sounds (reddit photo communities ban self promotion; Instagram is images only)

hope you like the break from tech stuff! :D



TIL about the Minimak keyboard layout

if you've ever thought about learning to type Colemak or Dvorak but can't afford to spend 2-4 weeks relearning from scratch how to type, the Minimak layout offers an incremental approach.

it claims by changing only 4 keys from Qwerty to give you 60% of the efficiency boost of Dvorak, followed by an 8-keys-changed layout and a 12-keys-changed layout which gets you to 83% at a fraction of the effort.

Found a super cheatsheet

It includes parameter expansion/substitution stuff:


which is very handy for trimming file extensions and creating output file names from input basenames etc. Which is stuff I do frequently enough to know there's a quick solution, but too rarely to remember the syntax

Since I installed yasnippet in #Emacs, all text files without filename extension are opened in snippet-mode. How can I disable that? @emacs

Come on, @nfl—haven't Jets fans suffered enough without having to deal with your frivolous trademark claims? Leave @SameOldJets1969 alone. cc @Shopify


very controversial opinions 

The #Emacs server/client model is simply awesome. Why did they not think of it a while back. The client launches like, #immediately. Combine it with #doom Emacs philosophy, you have a very quick and beautiful OS.

Using #I3 wm is a real joy. The speed and response is so similar on my #rpi 4 and my latest lappy.

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