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Hey, #botany and #plant friends of Mastodon: Send me your recommendations on what to read/watch to learn the basics of plant biology.

I'm a lay person, but would like to get a grasp of the key mechanisms at work in plant life. Long reads are good, as long as they start with the equivalent of high school biology.

#askmastodon #askfediverse

anyone have any personal strategies you employ to get over the concentration hump and work on something? looking for some ways to change my current working habits to be more consistent.

Was trying different music stream services. Tidal and Amazon music, even if the prices seem ok, force you to provide name, address and phone number for no reason. To even try the 30 days trial you are forced to even give a credit card number. Ain't beating Spotify like that.

#emacs #orgmode 9.3.6, a bugfix release, is out. Enjoy!

The next release will be 9.4, with new features. Coming soon.

Question for the hardware folks around here: what's the correct term for these kinds of rigid-but-bent PCBs? Any good link/reference about those?

How do you manufacture them?

Why do people use URL shorteners? Pretty much every app makes them clickable so it's not like you need to remember them and most social media apps concatenate them so they don't clutter up your screen. The only other use I see is for tracking and, if you need to see how many people are clicking your links, you're doing something wrong.

There is the argument for cHaRaCtEr LiMiTs but just write text at the top. You don't need a paragraph summary of an article when the title sums it up well enough. That's not a reason to use a shortener and obfuscate the destination

Here's the 's collection of articles on the opposition to the pipeline

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Overview of the leadership, and the conflict between hereditary chiefs and elected councils

Only gets a passing mention in the news, sounds like a very difficult situation

Putting QMK and clicks switches in a Kinesis Advantage.

Fuck that’s a lot of work. This half, completely non working board took me the better part of today 😐#kinesis #mk #mechanicalkeyboards #diy #qmk #kailh

LaTeX is definitely the "I know I can bend you to my will, but you're going to make me have to work for it, aren't you" kind of program.

The moment we start seeing “because their fundamental business model is unethical” in one of these is when we’ll know that things are starting to change.


I miss my keyboard I wish I could map it to my new os but its 10000 miles away #MechanicalKeyboards

programming nerdery 

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Music internet radio recommendations? 


I'm a #biotech scientist and really like what I'm learning about the foss/anticapitalist communities here on mastodon. It's great people are taking tech into their own hands to help free up people from surveillance. In the back of my mind, I am always thinking of ways to do something similar in molecular biology, but the cost for R&D is astronomical, the applications for everyday consumers, not quite as straightforward.

CURRENT Invasion of Wet'suwet'en Nation by Canada 1/n 

The best find on my recuperative walk/explore yesterday. This script lichen is probably Graphis scripta, aka common script lichen. The black squiggles are the reproductive bodies. It’s been years since I last saw this species.

#lichen #SarahExplores

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