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"Ziggy Stardust" installation at the Carnegie Museum of Art. This photo doesn't do the experience justice, as it is at the end of a long, narrow room with white walls bathed in the light of the bolt.

#art #museum #photography

... I have been known to have personal vendettas against articles, which is a not good time. I try to think of the animosity as toward the ideas conveyed in the article and not the author as a whole person at least but... being a journal editor is a lot and I'll be happy to take some time of shortly...

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I should add that it's primarily that I've had a rough/exhausting week and am not keen on doing any kind of service work, especially connected to writing/articles because I only finished the Book Chapter From Hell this past weekend. womp. :(((

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Definitely feeling an editorial case of the "do not wants" tonight, but ... let's review this article!

"PIPE1C919": "Temporary storage area for water damaged material 9/19",
"PIPEBA714A": "Temporary storage area for water damaged material 7/14",
"PIPEBA714": "Temporary storage area for water damaged material 7/14",

πŸ€” are we still using these?

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"LGBTA-ROOM": "Lesbian Gay BiSexual Transgendered & Allies, Rm. 101 Boucke",

... I'm making a few executive product owner decisions on this field...

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I dunno...

"FILM-CTR": "Temporarily stored at the annex, use I Want It to request",
"FILM-PSU": "Temporarily stored at the annex, use I Want It to request",

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working through a JSON doc of all 750 of PSU's library shelving locations with speed metal on like "for the king for the land for the mountain" 🀘

Hey digipres crowd!

Are there any kind of useful sources for Agent names which people have made for the names of software? any kind of standardization of some of these names done by any group?

@ashley @nkrabben @joshuatj

all of digipres club? (I dunno someone boost?)

I feel I should add that here at the university library, we almost never close! But the public library did...

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LB - lol oh my gosh in the morning every morning people trying to get into the library "as though we're giving away free cheese" one custodian said to me.

... of course, we DO give away free books and computer time and bathrooms and entertainment and more! Cheese would be a welcome addition :P

It would be cool if the media was as interested in people who camp out in front of public libraries as it is with people who camp out in front of Apple stores.

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