Hey digipres crowd!

Are there any kind of useful sources for Agent names which people have made for the names of software? any kind of standardization of some of these names done by any group?

@ashley @nkrabben @joshuatj

all of digipres club? (I dunno someone boost?)

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@platypus @ashley @joshuatj If you're looking for registries, WikiDP might be the thing you're looking for. wikidp.org/ It's working to wrangle file and software data in WikiData.
Another potential could be the software records in PRONOM, but I have not worked with those much at all. nationalarchives.gov.uk/PRONOM
If you're looking for registries specifically of digital library tools like DROID, .... .... maybe coptr? Not a controlled vocab, but it is a registry coptr.digipres.org/Category:To

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