Definitely feeling an editorial case of the "do not wants" tonight, but ... let's review this article!

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I should add that it's primarily that I've had a rough/exhausting week and am not keen on doing any kind of service work, especially connected to writing/articles because I only finished the Book Chapter From Hell this past weekend. womp. :(((

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... I have been known to have personal vendettas against articles, which is a not good time. I try to think of the animosity as toward the ideas conveyed in the article and not the author as a whole person at least but... being a journal editor is a lot and I'll be happy to take some time of shortly...

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@platypus I too have strong feelings about some articles, to the point where I've actually blocked their authors (I really try not to personalize them that much anymore!)

@schomj when you're the issue's coordinating editor πŸ˜… ... but yes, I do never want to engage with one particular person again and hope he'll be salty enough to do likewise.

@platypus that for sure will make it harder! I'm doing that for the first time, and while most of the proposals were fantastic, there were a couple that made me want to yell -- and that was just proposals!

@schomj oh gosh1!!! at least at that phase you can hopefully not accept? It's rough when it's like "oh this seems interesting" and the article you get is "THE HECK?!??!!?" ... the word satisficing appeared on my radar again tonight and sometimes there is that too as an editor. One lets through an artice that is imperfect but not in ways one considers either harmful to reader/community/ends or detrimental to is main purpose

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