Reviewing papers as you would like your papers to be reviewed | Baum (2019) | Mol Biol Cell 


But the reviewer said “the abstract should be written as a whole and give an overall view, not as fragments cut and pasted from the various parts of the body of the article to which they refer”. It means that the reviewer didn’t know and didn’t take into account the guidelines for submission. Also meant that editor didn’t read the comments and was part of that contradiction…

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Reviewing papers as you would like your papers to be reviewed | Baum (2019) | Mol Biol Cell 

I like to add: “I will take into account the guidelines of the journal for the submissions”.

In my last rejection, the editor sent me the comments by reviewers. One was about the abstract format: the guidelines state it to be structured:

- Objectives:
- Methodology:
- Results:


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Reviewing papers as you would like your papers to be reviewed | Baum (2019) | Mol Biol Cell 

-(2) I will read the paper carefully, in a timely manner...
-(4) I will review with the understanding that each useful paper represents a small step forward and that the true impact of work can only be assessed long afterward...
-(7) I will aim to be constructive even when recommending rejection of a paper. I will always aim to be unbiased, will never be rude or patronizing...

Hi! a few weeks ago I migrated to another instance (, but I am still here on too. My intention is to toot more content in Spanish there and in content about research and academia (and in English).

Due to the migration, I guess followers on are now followers on the new instance. Of course, feel free to stop follow the profile in the new instance! 😉

Estoy de vacaciones por el norte de España. Quería verde frondoso y conocer lugares que no conocía. Hoy llegué a Caldelas de Tuy, y me quedo 7 días en un sitio tipo la van de "ruta hacia lo salvaje". Ayer dormí cerca de Ribadelago, Zamora. Tampoco conocía... Por lo visto en 1959 la presa no aguantó y murieron 144 personas... Esto es un monumento en el pueblo:


Oli! She and her brother Lobo are my best friends. They and my brother are not living at my home any more. They are currently living in the forest, and I like to think Oli and Lobo spend their time (pretending they are) hunting. They live in the animal sanctuary where my bro' lives and works. This is the last picture I took to Oli!

Hace poco contacté con la ofi de soft libre de mi uni (la Complu) para ser colaborador -por mis valores sobre lo FLOSS-. Me recibieron de 10 y, de momento, para noviembre, participaré en la con una charla titulada "El Fediverso: redes sociales que no conoces". Podré matizar el título; Fediverse no es solo redes (lo basé en Mi objetivo es captar la atención; que todo kiski asistente se sume al fediverse y abrir instancias en servers de la uni... 💪

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Inventaire is a free open source platform to help people and organisations catalogue their book collections and keep track of books they have lent.

You can follow the project at @inventaire and the website is at

Inventaire now has Fediverse support, which allows people on Mastodon etc to follow Inventaire users, authors, collections etc.

#Inventaire #FediTips Fediverse #Books #Book #Libraries #Library

Next year I'll teach a course for an introduction to information and library technologies. I've tested some tools that I'll include in the first weeks. I know Mindomo, Xmind... but they are non-FLOSS.

VYM ( and ( are great. creates an index as in a wiki, and MarkMap is based on .

Here is an example of a mindmap about in Wikipedia with VYM:

And with MarkMap:

During last course I uploaded some videotutorials to explain how to calculate some indicators for libraries evaluation. My experience is really positive and tutorials are useful cause' people can stop and understand the content. Yes, cause to simply sync, I used YouTube (my university uses google accounts).

I've just sign up to from the , and I'll move all my videos and use it from now on👏👏

My tubedu:

I'll post some edu-videos soon

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Every time I see peoples not using #libreoffice for their office tasks, I can't understand what they do not like: it's
- available on all PC platfoms for a long time
- a community driven project
- compliant with the ODFondation to have universal files format
- lightweight
- customizable
- even able to manipulate MS Office files

Caturday, my first 

My first ​. My brother and their cats are living with me just for some time. I'll really miss them when leaving, but my bro' is working in an animal sanctuary and the 3 of them will live incredibly there. This is Oli, and the video was set by my bro'. Since first time I watched, I've been laughing :BlobCatMelt: :BlobCatMelt: 😊

Just a small parenthesis for laugh: 🤣😄☺️ (at least for me) maybe the best (supporting) actor and actress of the two best series in history: Phoebe Buffay () and George Constanza () 🙌👏☺️

No free view? No review! 

I've just sign up for this proyect: No free view? No review! ( I like the idea:

"We believe that science should evolve towards a different publishing model in which all scientific publications are freely available to readers as open access, without charging authors unfair prices. For this reason, we will avoid serving as peer reviewers for venues that do not make publicly available the research that we review".

:OpenAccess: :CreativeCommons:

a poll about OpenSource in OpenScience 

I wonder about that because OpenScience is becoming relevant, but most of the journals that I see and where I publish, always demand manuscripts in Microsoft Format... In fact, I only used Microsoft and Microsoft Office just for the last check before sending a manuscript. I guess they use also non-OpenSource soft for all the process... And I think by that way is not Open Science: Open Source must be in all the steps of the academic publishing process

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a poll about OpenSource in OpenScience 

Hi friends, I'd like to know your opinion about in . I think Open-Source must be for all the steps in the process of academic publishing to be Open-Science, not only if you develop a soft or for the results. What do you think?

Is Open Science if the research was written/developed/processed with non Open-Access Software?
For example: is Open Science if the research was written with Microsoft Office, or developed using SPSS?

About Moodle and questionnaires 

I don't like to program exams in my courses. Thus, I name them "exercises on live". I've had to prepare 6 different exercises for 3 courses, using Moodle. It's been really useful to use the option "import in XML format". I think it's easier to redact questions in XML. I wrote the questions and solutions in text format first, and just had to substitute the text in the XML file. The interface of Moodle is really slow for me. Maybe it could be useful for someone

Last week, in my course on information seeking/retrieval, I dedicated a class to watch "Paywall: The Business of Scholarship" :OpenAccess:
I explained that now I can chose to publish only in OA journals and that I decline reviews if the journal is not OA. But during my PhD most of the times I felt forced to publish in "journals with the highest impact factor" and not OA due to the criteria of the University. I like the quote by Lars Bjørnshauge in the capture attached:

What I enjoy the most is when I finish a course and I publish the materials in the repository of my university with CC-BY license :CreativeCommons:. Many of the materials by my colleagues are closed. The university warns students cannot share them to avoid copyright issues. Regarding my materials, I believe in the future any professor will be able to start from that point, without having to do everything from 0, etc. That means benefits for the students. So, it's good to publish them openly.😄

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