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My primary background is in History, though I also have a degree in Psychology and am not far from completing a degree in Counseling.

My past work in the field of History was in Military History, and later on Religious an Philosophical History.

My current Post-Graduate study is focusing on Japanese History. I'm currently working on developing my language skills in the Japanese language. (No small feat, esp. while working 50+hrs a week.)

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Hi! I am Guillaume from France, physicist turned into computational social neurobiologist & into multi-scale approaches to understand human cognition. At Institut Pasteur I do genetics, bioinfo & system biology, but started a neuroimaging platform in a child hospital to apply social neuroscience to . I love geeking AI/ML/stats too and doing art projects involving VR, rogue neuro-labs or sending brainwaves into space! Oh and I co-founded HackYourPhD & ALIUS 🤓

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@introspection As for being "neutral," depending on what you mean by that, isn't planning to be that either

We are explicitly anti-Nazi, anti-homophobia, anti-transphobia, anti-sexism and anti-racism

We are explicitly pro-inclusion and pro-accesibility

We ban people for harassment

We take sides, because failure to do so suggests a moral equivalence that undermines academic freedom itself

So we are not "neutral" in that sense

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Hi I'm Stephanie. I'm interested in scicomm, and work for a women in STEM organisation. I've recently finished my psychology degree, and in the process of working out my next steps! Would love to connect with some folk interested in thoughtful discussion on a range of topics. Really pleased already to see the strong commitment to inclusion :-)

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Hey! I'm a new post doc starting at the University of Pittsburgh. I'm interested in the effects of stress and genetics on neurodevelopment 🧠.

I use longitudinal designs in adolescents/young adults to look at effects on MRI-based measures of brain structure and function. I'm also interested in statistics , ML, and science outreach.

Excited to see where this goes!

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From a lecture slide 

"Issues with Mortality Collection Data


Information bias: not completed by individual concerned"

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"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

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Journal Club call for papers! 

Hello friends!

September is coming soon, and so we'll need a new paper for our

Any user of our instance can suggest a journal article, but please submit one from outside your field of expertise, to help make it something accessible to everyone :)

Also, let's aim for open access articles too, so everyone can participate :oa:

Reply to me with a DOI using the "Direct" privacy setting and it may be randomly chosen in September!

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assignments, UX, microsoft word 

Do you write assignments for students?

Are you tempted to provide a word template for answers, to ensure consistent formatting? Does it have fancy "click to enter your answer" boxes?

Please don't. I'm begging you.

They are just awful to work with, especially for your students that don't have access to a "proper" version of word. You never know which random component will infuriatingly refuse to work as expected

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Opinion question: If you consider yourself an academic, do you also consider yourself an educator? Do the two inherently overlap?

I consider myself an educator first and an academic second. I live in the overlapping Venn diagram area of the two that is librarianship and I’m curious to see how others feel about this.

Plus, I’m loving the level of dialogue here. It’s so refreshing to have engaged people who provide considered answers and not just drivel or who pontificate like effing bores.

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Hi, I'm a theologian from Germany at Heidelberg University. The focus of my work is on Diakonia, Christian social engagement.

I am also interested in issues of , , , and .

I look for new ways of enabling forms of public discourse that bridge the divide between the ivory tower and "real life".

One of those instances is a new journal that emphasizes debate:

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" conclusion, statistics is a land of contrasts."

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work-life balance - inside and outside academia 

In the year since I started my PhD, I've developed a lot of healthy strategies to maintain a good work-life balance. Some of them are: Going climbing at least 2x a week, drinking tea instead of coffee in the office, NO WORK ON THE WEEKEND.

Lately my spouse has been having difficulties with work-life balance stuff, but they're in a "regular" job. It's surprising, but many of my strategies aren't really applicable to their situation.

Hey everyone. I'm a PhD candidate, based in germany, researching regional organisations and the legitimacy of global governance.

I'm a big fan of and I work mostly quantitatively with .

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