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A bit of context to the scene in my header Image.

It's a dialogue between Bactrian King Milinda/Menander, & the Buddhist sage Nāgasena, from around 1st-2nd Century BCE recorded in a buddhist text, Milinda Pañha.
(English Translation:

"Do you know the big problem with a disguise, Mr. Holmes? However hard you try, it's always a self-portrait." -- Irene Adler.

Are there any good examples of (how) research proposals (should be written) (preferably in the field of Computer Science) publicly available to read? Or any guides specifically aimed at that?

Self Hosting Zotero Dataserver? 

does anyone have advice for writing a personal statement? I have to write one for REU applications and it’s killing me. I know what i need to include in it, but how i’m supposed to write it (tone, style, even just format) has got me lost.
i’m mostly just afraid of writing it either too formal or too flowery and i have no idea where the goldilocks zone is

What are the technical terms, in your field, for 'dunno'?
In astronomy there's 'unmodelled second order effects'
In medicine there's 'idoeopathic'
In archeology/anthropology there's 'ritual purposes'
How do you professionally term 'we haven't got a clue'?

Bryan Caplan: The Case against Education | WSB #34

Central Argument: What taking courses at Universities primarily does is signalling competence and conformity to employers. Following that, the Universities are playing the 0-sum game of assigning status in society, unlike the non 0-sum process of learning. It is beneficial for Individual, but doesn't add to the benefit of the society.

Regular reminder with today’s Facebook breach: Facebook has “shadow profiles” of people who are NOT MEMBERS. So even if you deliberately avoided having a Facebook account, this hack could still have leaked your information.

A logically valid argument:

Everyone hates my Boss.
But my Boss hates only me.
Hence, I am my own Boss.

New Macbooks and Imacs will brick themselves if they think they're being repaired by an independent technician

scary story about computer hacking 

:melpa: New package update from MELPA...

nov (20180930.2042) --- Featureful EPUB reader mode

ADM-3A Terminal. Note the colon key : without needing to hold shift. that's why vi uses it.

webpaste.el can paste whole buffers or parts of buffers to several pastebin-like services and supports failover if one service fails.


Do you use #Emacs? I'm happy to announce the Emacs News Service.

You can follow it here -> @emacs

The bot reports from Planet Emacsen, changes to MELPA and a few other resources so you can stay on top of the latest tips, tricks and software updates!

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