I am on the precipice of being so tired of my own bullshit that I do (at least one of) the tasks that I hate. Will it be setting reasonable goals for myself to make my first zine? Will it be working on my research website? Will it be laundry being hung up? Who knows!

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Saying things are natural is like, the most empty of meaning way to describe things. It basically functions as "things i think are good" in discussions.

I'm trying to channel what energy & focus I can muster on learning how to create zines. If anybody has a tutorial they have used that helped lmk! I'm absolutely awful at type setting software lol

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I am grateful to have a nicer experience on THIS platform because of the work and pain held by Ro, Marcia, and the other black folks who painfully paved the way for me to be here floating in. The "better environment" that people praise came from your heart, your work, your pain. I thank y'all and appreciate y'all. This is how it goes in life too. My floating now is based on the pain suffered by those before. THANK YOU <3 @CaribenxMarciaX and @Are0h

healthcare & small wins 

I am so glad to be getting slightly closer to normal base level of wellness 😩

It's been more than five months since I have had health care and I am finally one or two tasks away from having access to what I used to have regularly. I'm hoping a little relief is coming FINALLY!

I want to do my research projects and crafts and help people and cook things 🙏

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Also thinking this morning: please remember that if an app's policy says "we will keep your data absolutely super safe and not share with advertisers or anyone else... except law enforcement with a warrant"

then all it takes is a) a bad law, b) someone to issue that warrant.

It's a talent to be able to hold so many sources of emotional turmoil simultaneously. It's my gift really. I'm so nuanced.

It is a lovely breezy warm day full of sneezing here in Portland. Perfect nap weather. I wish I had been able to force myself to read my book.

One thing to know about me is I LOVE to dress like a human easter egg. Round, colorful, striped, springy, etc

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I see that is seeking to hire a part-time, remote "Education and Community Lead": programminghistorian.org/posts

Key duties:

- train educators to use PH lessons
- develop community activities for current + potential partner orgs
- work across Spanish, French, and Portuguese

Everything is far too loud today and this week. I got meself some apples juice and allergy meds and lactase enzymes though so I'm ready to huddle in my cocoon. Anyone else needing a bit of a forceful brain turning off?

I think it's indigestion, exhaustion, medication is a different manufacturer, and the looming likelihood I couldn't even try to become a parent safely

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I can't decide why I feel hot, nauseated, and miserable because it could be nothing, or it could be contemplating the world's suffering too much in a short time, or it could be a historic virus that I've yet to test positive for

This is also why I appreciate simple things like learning to tie knots and use a knife and sharpen metal, because those skills open up way way more possibilities than just one! Once you know how metal sharpening works you can understand so many tools!

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Modular things are so neat. Like, I don't enjoy a lot of aspects of so called "futuristic" aesthetics or design, but I absolutely love when things are modular and reconfigurable.

I have literally curated/exhibited multiple military museum collections and somehow nobody told me until today that the United States has MILITARY DOLPHINS? AND SEA LIONS?

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the pdx really really free market has started up again!

these are held every last saturday of the month from 3:00pm-6:00pm at gateway discovery park.

clothes, seeds, medical supplies, music performances, arts and crafts, food and drink, workshops and discussions, bike tune ups, books, dance moves --

what can you freely share?

Please forgive me as I am not certain if it's the same apes or more apes of the same variety and creator but the point stands

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You will never guess what apes are once again gone!

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