I am proud of myself. I had a long ass day of balancing academic work and personal issues once again, and I came home and fixed some old flimsy cat trees. This one was made of recycled stuff that was in my basement. Strudel is impressed.

Cat shelter update! 

I also made some scratchers from old housewares and rope that are a big hit, and found some environmental enrichment toys in the form of pop-up tent cubes for the kitties! I am proud of my accomplishment!

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Cat shelter update! 

So I also finished a cool organizing and design project yesterday for the cat shelter and I want to share!

Yay! The administrative overlords have finally released my dissertation into the wild! Behold "Perception and Practice: Doing Public " pqdtopen.proquest.com/doc/2111

Sorry I haven't been on in a couple weeks, I have been trying to get back on track after a weeklong debacle of a family trip!

It's okay if you failed today. You can try again tomorrow.

It's time for my weekly trip to a cat shelter, #ShelterDayThursday! 

I am on a non-academic trip to visit family members in California so I visited the local cat shelter :) Look at these good good boys and girls.

unsolicited advice for people with marginalized identities interested in or currently fresh to academic life 

1) introducing yourself to faculty is not about the generalized benefits of social networking; it's about literally finding a lifeline and advocate for yourself for when shit inevitably hits the fan. your first points of contact in the department have a History with other people in the dept that you need to navigate, but those politics do not supersede your need for allies

@precatlady Yeah, this is fine

If you're worried about something like that being taken the wrong way, you could put a CW like "Archaeology conference call for papers," but yeah stuff like that is 110% what this instance is for :)

Well, that and smart people geeking out over the stuff they're studying that gets them excited

And also the occasional cat pic :)

Is there a follow Friday here? Or maybe a weekend excuse to post a cute cat photo on a regular but not overwhelming interval (e.g. )? I must learn the social norms so I can become *popular* and *loved*

Are we allowed to post conference calls for papers and such on here? New community, new norms! Hey, speaking of digital norms, if you're into / / (digital humanities) and willing to attend April conference in New Mexico, this digital ethical dilemmas forum is worth applying to. Deadline is middle of next week!

Set aside time for a hobby. Gardening, drone building, knitting, do something for the pure pleasure of it.


I'm a historian of Atlantic World history (1500-1800), with an interest in interactions/processes involving Indigenous peoples and ppls of African descent.

I teach at Bryn Mawr College + live in Philadelphia.

If Twitter is a predicter of what I'll do here, I will be tooting about teaching, research/writing, my 3 kitties, the arts, tech, politics, and the 'Morse'-universe ('Morse,' 'Lewis,' and 'Endeavour.') :p

I also volunteer at a shelter called the Animal Care Council in Endicott, NY which helps me take a break from academic work. I often post photos on other networks of my "shelter day Thursday" if anybody here would be interested.

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I have just learned about and now must introduce my cats: Fiona (12, black, has feline hyperesthesia) and Strudel (1, white with black spots)

"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."


Because I am a control freak, here is a handy list of hashtags used across platforms:
= public outreach, education, and collaboration with stakeholders in archaeology;
= a broader scientific version of the above;
= digital method and practice in archaeology;
= Indigenous critiques of and Indigenous-centered approaches to archaeology;
= archaeology of the historic period;
= contract/cultural resource management archaeology

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