Petite faveur, est-ce que quelqu'un aurait par chance le numéro 98 de Quarto de (2011) ? j'ai besoin du texte de sur les Merci en avance

.am I the only one looking at the e/involution of American societal and political life and finding myself going back to 's notion of resentment as the most useful notion to understand it?

wonders how many folks are going to create bots and fake accounts in Parler in order to give the Bannon tribes and worse a taste of their medicine with some hilarious gay communist chaos. (just wondering).

So, when he came opposite Palodes, and there was neither wind nor wave, Thamus from the stern, looking toward the land, said the words as he had heard them: 'Great Pan is dead.' Even before he had finished there was a great cry of lamentation, not of one person, but of many, mingled with exclamations of amazement."

'When you come opposite to Palodes, announce that Great Pan is dead.' On hearing this, all, (...) were astounded and reasoned among themselves whether it were better to carry out the order or to refuse to meddle and let the matter go. Under the circumstances Thamus made up his mind that if there should be a breeze, he would sail past and keep quiet, but with no wind and a smooth sea about the place he would announce what he had heard.

And on the pedestal these words appear:
'My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away

*thinking* how to make more people realize that major social media platforms are going to keep liberating the worse drives of society, while more rhizomatic ones will allow us precisely to enjoy and utilize difference to make a richer and multifarious world. you know, the usual...
"Samuel Beckett and Nature" International Conference.
.deadline for sending your abstracts (in French or English, for both papers and panels): December 15th. .send them to

"Mais vision n'est pas vue: la vue est une vision vue, une vision devant témoin; le tiers voit voir."

Lyotard traduisant Freud, moi qui écoute Pärt et regarde Balthus d'après moi il y a 9 ans qui regardais/t Balthus.

“But do not mourn the dead: they know what they are doing. I was in the land of the dead and after such black terror I resurged in pardon. I’m innocent! Don’t consume me! I am not saleable! Woe to me, all lost and it’s as if the great guilt was mine. (….) Death is an encounter with oneself.” The best thing is still this: not to die, because dying is insufficient, it doesn’t complete me, I who need so much.”

Time to teach Clarice

Hi! I am a Romance Languages professor, specialist on 20th century French literature and philosophy, working on a book on matricide and modernism, a project on literature and tattoos, and trying to finish this semester in one piece. (Also, pretty new to mastodon, figuring it out still)

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