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This is a great #solarpunk magazine about a low-tech perspective on the Internet; this article explores how Freifunk everywhere would look like, and would make 4G obsolete:

one of many possible improvements to my vpython code:
switch to leapfrog method

What happens in your head when you do 27+48?

I do
10-8=2, 7-2=5, 22+48=60+10=70, 70+5=75

[If you want to do this yourself please copy the question and make your own post] #27plus48

What happens in your head when you do 27+48?

I do

[If you want to do this yourself please copy the question and make your own post]
(I copied this from kimreece)

I'm officially "master student" at the moment...

I try not to be blinded by "government-certified" academic levels. But of all academic levels I respect "PhD student" the most because they are the ones doing actual research, not too blinded yet by old ideas...

Hi all,

I'm a PhD student in Experimental Physics at the University of Groningen (Netherlands).

I investigate conjugated polymers, a material class that enables "plastic electronics", such as OLED-displays and low-cost organic solar cells. To understand the material's optical properties and the influence of aggregation, I employ various spectroscopic techniques.

I'm here to talk about research (including mine), academia, tech, and society. Feel free to connect!


Last week, I had the chance to see renowned experts like Michael Grätzel or Christoph Brabec speaking about solar organic cells, at the "Next Gen" #conference in #Groningen. 🇳🇱

Organic #solar cells are lightweight, flexible, and presumably cheap to manufacture. Look at this clip to get an impression:

Unfortunately, we're still not happy with their efficiency and long-term-stability, but we're making constant progress! 👍#science

lol, google locked me out of my account for glowscript and youtube...
they don't believe that the account is "mine"...
even though i knew the password and the security question and i am NOT using a new device like they claimed...
are they gonna say now they created my stable helium simulation?!

to prove that i created it,
just take a look at the dates at my github and gitlab pages

I found initial conditions for which my classical model helium atom is stable.

There were plans to encrypt direct messages client-side since the beginnings of the Fediverse but nobody has implemented it so far...

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