Salve, (formely ) people. One thing I really need to read because of engaging with lately is a history of the term "God" in . My students regulary ask what philosophers from the 5th c. BCE up to the 5th c. CE do *exactly* mean/imagine/describe when they use it. And it *is* pretty tricky to differentiate between the times and users, don't you think? Any recommendations on literature I should check out? Boosting appreciated.

@bookandswordblog Looking at his staff page, it seems his research is focused more eastern and on a time period a little earlier than I had in mind. But maybe that's not a bad thing. An interesting contact nonetheless. Thank you!


@bookandswordblog Steht natürlich auf der Liste, wenn es mir das nächste Mal über den Weg laufen sollte. 😄

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