i have this big competitive exam coming up that i'd given the first choice of centre for as my college's city and not the one i'm currently in because things were really dubious back then so i erred on the side of colleges (and hence hostels) opening up by that time. but now it just turned out that mine won't.


pers, family (-) 

so i was telling my father about this because he'll likely have to take me there because i've nowhere to live. he said it was no issue. but i kept venting for a bit about being super worried at this additional complication to what was already the most stressful exam in my *life* and he abrubptly just... *barks* at me to shut up about this

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pers, family (-) 

and tells me it's not a big deal and when i say that it *is* to me, he yells "in that case don't worry me with your problems" so now i just feel like garbage

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