the fact the fucking it up will make things very very bad for me isn't helping a lot with not fucking it up

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@luthwyhn if you're still in that mood and if you like (or think you'd like) electronic music, check out Rosa by Patricia Taxxon. it's very... pastel (in a good way)

i feel a bit silly saying this but @selfcare has honestly saved my mood, many many times :BlobCatMlem:

tangent, angry 

@georgespolitzer here in india kfc is awful sandy bland-tasting chicken 10x the price of regular fried chicken that's replacing small fast food places *everywhere* because of advertising, the general middle-class minsdet of "america good", and kfc's own ability to keep spreading like the plague

covid-related; bad 

just found out that our final semester will conducted online. i don't know why i was hoping against all hope all this time that things would get better and i'd get to go back one last time. now i'm just. sad.

@RadiantEmber ikwym, i had two archie roommates, and they only even came to the room for sleep and clothes. 😓

Another genderless insult you can use when you accidentally burn dinner 


@rusty sorry if this is intrusive and weird but... i love dubliners too, and i want to read more joyce and i've got a copy of ulysses sitting on my shelf for months now, but i'm too intimidated to get into it because of its reputation of being this big-brain super-clever classic. i'm afraid i won't enjoy it or miss its themes. 😓 any suggestions on how i should approach it?

scrolling through social media when i should be studying for big upcoming test: season 896246

@kensanata same, for college. we didn't have a lot of bullshit work that would've been par of the course under normal circumstances, because the uni can't justify making us do that anymore. lectures felt pretty much the same in terms of how much i learned (and a lot less stressful, but that's just me) and i actually managed to save time to learn a lot more new things because of the time saved from the aforementioned lack of bullshit work. this was my one bright spot in an otherwise dismal year

@fence as someone who wishes to go to germany for higher studies, from what i know about it from the internet, it seems fascinating and terrifying to me at the same time

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