The irony is that American politicians (Republicans mostly) condemn Hong Kong police and China for repressing protestors and yet they're the same ones who want "Antifa bans" and exactly the same kind of violent police repression in their own country.

Tabletop RPGs, Autism Spectrum 

I didn't know that Philip Glass had composed a piece of music for Sesame Street, and its about geometry!

Gross, nsfw, lewd adj, spoilers, immature cishet mischief at its worst, very very Amerikan. 

The director's cut of Re Animator is actually /shorter/ than the 1985 US theatrical release. The studios trimmed the horror movie down for sex and violence, but puffed it up with a ton of dialogue.
Picture a bunch of executives brushing up coils of discarded celluloid from the cutting room floor. Rummaging through the trash cans on the inevitable alleyways of our Amerikan cinematick imagination.

Shapeshifter – An Open Source Drum Machine

With microcontrollers growing ever more powerful each new generation, things that were mere pipedreams before are now readily possible. The Shapeshifter drum machine is a perfect example.

Shapeshifter’s design…

Original tweet :

Biji Rojava! Biji Kurdistan! Love, rage and solidarity from Southern Appalachia to Rojava!
And to our comrades fighting the fascist terrorist state of Turkey and ISIS in Rojava: We love you, you are in our hearts now, always and forever. Thank you.

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Why the Turkish Invasion Matters: Addressing the Hard Questions about Imperialism and Solidarity

We address some common questions about why it is important to oppose the invasion of #Rojava and discuss what it means for world politics. #riseup4rojava 

Economics, History 

Economics, politics, feminism 

#klimaatverandering #klimaatcrisis #zeespiegel #Nederland %%%


Aanbevelenswaardig plaatje voor iedereen die vindt dat ‘Nederland wel Nederland moet blijven’👇🏽

Kaartje is toekomstscenario NL in 2300 bij de verwachtte zeespiegelstijging

Wie zich blijft verzetten tegen klimaatactie zegt dus eigenlijk: weg met ons land


"Waiting around for the government to do something will bring us nothing... We need immediate action" Agitate. Educate. Organise. A piece on how to aid the Kurds from the UK. :rojava:

WW2, nazi war crimes 

discussion of abusive tactics 

Californians: Remember, the reason we have to shut off your power is because we CEOs decided our bonuses were more urgent than the T&D repairs and tree trimming that could have prevented these wildfires. And the reason you can't control your own energy company is because socialism doesn't work and would result in blackouts and disasters.

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