@Cyclideon Why fuck them? Sex is nice, I wouldn't engage with that kind in it. ūüėČ (Trying my best to not use fuck as a negative word)

@Cyclideon No worries, it's cultural osmosis which pushes this word as a negative into our heads, and we reflexively use it as such. I see that happen with many words. It's a form of toxic cultural catachresis.

@qcat for real tho i've thought about how our language might transform as we break down hierarchy. kinda like what happened in revolutionary spain or the paris commune with greetings and whatnot. someone should explore that.

@Cyclideon I am trying as good as I can to reclaim words that have been poisoned by capitalists, puritans and conservatives.

For example, I recently noticed how hard it is to use terms like "efficiency" or "progress" in left-wing circles because of the incorrect and twisted appropriation that they underwent.

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@qcat oh i've definitely noticed it in anarchist theory dating back to 2003. i like anarchy in the age of dinosaurs but there are numerous sections in that book criticizing the efficiency of capitalist/authoritarian society, compared to anarchist inefficiency. like i wish i could go back in time and shove Organization Theory into the authors' hands. it all depends on what you're efficient at. same thing with progress; what are your progressing towards?

@Cyclideon Funny enough, any and all RL anarchist economies that have ever existed have displayed high efficiency gains.

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