reminder that the whole "paperclip optimization" problem (the idea that an AI could/would destroy humanity if you told it to optimize for something because it would become the most optimal path) is actually... already there. they're called companies. it's all called capitalism. it's destroying the environment and exploiting humanity to optimize for money for shareholders.

@wxcafe shareholders *and customers*. Where do you get your food? Who builds your computers and provides you with Internet?

Also, the nice thing about amoral processes is that you can get them to work for you by changing the rules of the game: carbon tax, UBI, and so on. (Easier said than done, though.)

@skybrian I'm too tired to explain that capitalism isn't necessary to have an economy, and that an economy isn't even necessary for production of goods and services, or that regulated capitalism isn't possible, sorry

@wxcafe @skybrian Sorry to interject here, but to say an economy isn't necessary for the production of goods and services is as if you are saying a biosphere is not necessary for the propagation of life.

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