As a phonetician who loves music when he works, it can take a lot to gin up the enthusiasm required to mark up my data

I was worried about not having enough to write for my lit review.
Converting my highlights to dot-point notes has resulted in five pages, from one half-chapter of something I've read.

I think I'll be okay.

Supporting your queer students in STEM 

"We do not want the thickest skinned ... in science. ‘Survival of the fittest’ has no place in STEM. Diversity is a key component ... but we see a poor retention rate of LGBT students as they progress through higher education."

+ (find more queer scientists throughout history here: )

Just spent way too long reading and re-reading some math I'd altered in LaTeX only to discover that I'd simply forgotten to close a {} later in the document.

Just got told my segmenting looks good by someone who is *very* particular about their segmenting.
Thank god. Because I spent so long on it :P

This is the “don’t @ me” of footnotes (Word by Word by Kory Stamper)

You'll never guess who's the dickhead who hit the point in his RA work and needs the Yolmo dictionary that he left at home in order to continue it

Was wondering why VoiceSauce was taking so long to get started, then I remembered that I'm on my uni PC, and that's powered by hamsters.

Dear lord why does language have to be so messy?
Like I love it and it's fascinating. But it sure does make analysis difficult :P

TIL that Robin Williams made his debut as Mork from Ork in one of the worst-ever episodes of Happy Days, but was funny enough to get his own show after that.

Also apparently his "alien gibberish" included swear words in a bunch of languages, and once the network censors figured that out they hired somebody fluent in multiple languages to keep an eye on him.


Outside of academia, I love to run (trying to get back into shape for another crack at Tough Mudder later in the year), game (very excited about atm), practice my Chinese (and dabble in new languages, when I get the chance), and play various TTRPGs. If I somehow manage to scrounge up the time, I fully intend to get back into kung fu again, but as the PhD comes along that seems less and less likely.

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I'm a PhD candidate in at Latrobe Uni. Doing an acoustic analysis of fricatives, affricates, and lexical tone in Lisu and Lipo. Or trying to, at least.

Areas of interest include (mostly acoustic analysis, but I'd love to branch out into articulatory or perceptual studies as well), , , , , and .

First toot for my Super Serious Academic account. I'll update my profile and give some more information on what I'm up to later. I have shit to do at the moment.

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