Excited to be participating in a 3-month, choose-your-own-path professional development set of workshops and activities starting in June, called MYFest! Focusing on digital literacy, open learning, wellbeing and joy, and much more. Here’s my brief blog post about it: blogs.ubc.ca/chendricks/2022/0

And see more here: myfest.equityunbound.org

Let's see if people at #OEGlobal22 see this post on the NZ-based Fediverse! This is how open-and-distributed works... I wonder who the first attendee from, say, the northern hemisphere to see and boost it will be...

Hearing references to Musk, blockchain and more this morning. As we think about the future of education, we must also interrogate the technologies and infrastructure we build on. Digital pedagogies need to be critical or risk perpetuating/exacerbating inequities. Algorithms are not neutral and open can be weaponized.

Applications are open for the Open Education Group's Fellowship for 2022-2023. I participated in this program a few years ago and it was a fantastic way to learn more about and start doing research on open educational resources and practices.

See some information about the fellowship here: openedgroup.org/fellowship

And more information and the application form: byu.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form

How is not already a thing among Mastodon communities?

Very insightful and helpful discussion of the problems with tone policing and how it is deeply embedded in power and privilege relationships. By Alice MacLachlan at York Uni in Canada. blog.apaonline.org/2022/05/10/

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