I need calories in order to be smart with my brain!!!

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She deserves detailed study, not a vague overview! 12,000 words isn't that many! It is uh my personal mission to do right by my favourite characters by producing the scholarship I want to see in the world.

My dissertation tutor recommended that my dissertation cover all/almost all references to Cassandra across multiple genres, including basically contextless fragments from prose texts.

But with the amount of research I've accrued so far just covering tragic representations of Cassandra I think having too wide a scope would be hurtful to my work overall.

I mean, there is a dissertation's worth of content just in the Agamemnon...

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I'm Jamie and I'm a final year undergrad majoring in English lit and minoring in psychology (neuroscience and developmental psychology). At the moment I'm particularly interested in American lit and science-fiction (my dissertation will be on the role of autism in postmodern sci-fi/speculative fiction). I also have a totally not 'The Good Place'-related interest in philosophy. I'm also here for thoughtful debates about why Margaret Atwood considers herself 'above genre'.

ah yes, the infallible research method that is looking around all the nearby shelves of the one book I actually need to see what else "looks cool" or "could be interesting"

thank you for all of your intelligent and considerate responses
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They have, uh, really hammered home the importance of outlines and planning!

does anyone have any advice on not getting sucked into a research hole so deep that you don't have enough time to actually write your coursework?

I never know how/when to stop reading about a topic to the point where it's detrimental to the work that I (eventually) output


I'm a third year classics undergrad from the UK and you can call me Kody. I'm coming from the and I hope I can find other classicists on here - hit me up if you ever want to talk about Plato, tragedy, the Iliad, or Cassandra (the topic of my dissertation which I may or may not be procrastinating on right now).

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