A paper, named " A Deep Neural Network Model to Predict Criminality Using Image Processing", will be published in a Springer venue. You might find the title unsettling. Well, guess what, it is. Using data produced by the criminal system will not "predict crime", it will predict who the police arrests. Which are two really different things.

More details there:

@rhapsodos wow i thought this was a discussion people had like ages ago about ais “predicting” crime

@cxli guess some machine learning researchers need to have this discussion again

@rhapsodos @cxli The researchers (really?) seem to have to finally learn the machine.

@bmreiniger nice, can you provide me a link to the retraction decision?

@rhapsodos Incriminated with… a "prediction" of a recommender? The same kind of tech. which suggests you buying another vacuum cleaner just after you've bought one?…

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