Next week, 1st April, economist and sociologist Paola Tubaro will be giving a talk on the hidden workers behind modern artificial intelligence, and the resulting new configuration of the job market.

Inscription is free but mandatory.
The webpage is in french, but the speaker is english-speaking so the seminar should be available in english.

@rhapsodos Thanks for sharing, I have just entered the session to listen in.

@ManuelBiertz yeah, I was hoping someone would ask for a translation / english speak :/
sorry for that

@rhapsodos No problem, it works, I just have to concentrate a little more. ^^

@rhapsodos That activity in the chat is beautiful. The German online conferences I visited were far more disciplined, in a negative sense. :D

@ManuelBiertz yes, I don't really know why we were so hyped up but it was nice :D

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