Greetings, everyone. I teach philosophy and English courses at a historically black university in the southern United States.

I am here to network with like-minded professionals and to provide an open channel for communication with my students.

@Cyborgneticz Hello! Seems like you are adding a lot of words to your dissertation. Good on 'ya! That's the only way it'll get longer. 😃

@Cyborgneticz I'm pretty sure that my advisors signed off on my dissertation only because they didn't want to have to read anything else from me anymore. I just wore them down over time.🙄

@rmusselwhite That's gonna be mine. My advisor wants to peace out in December so I think they're gonna be like 'we'll take your trash'

@Cyborgneticz Done is done! A dissertation doesn't have to be anything else. 👍

@rmusselwhite exactly! and since I've decided to open up my job search to high schools cause academic market, I am a lot less stressed around the 'are my publications enough and they're all over disciplines o noooo' feeling.

@Cyborgneticz Sounds good. I considered a mid-career change over to private high schools. The early-college high school students in my classes out-perform even most of the traditional college seniors by a country mile. They're younger, so they have less life experience to reflect on, but they've got plenty of candle-power for academic work.

@rmusselwhite I want to go into a slac (my alma mater might be hiring when I hit the job market) or a teaching college, but you know how it is. The benefit about fields like political theory is that I can still do my research outside academia, so I won't lose that.
I see the same thing!

@rmusselwhite thanks! it's a good thing that teaching is always a steady occupation, even if it may not be at the preferred level, it's a calling that can always be followed

@rusty Hello! Poetry is cool. I didn't know that until about 5 years ago, but George Byron convinced me otherwise. 😎

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