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I'm the software guy for the New Zealand Institute of Language Brain and Behaviour at the University of Canterbury.

My thing is reducing drudgery for linguistics researchers, by combining and developing open source software.

Among programmers I'm a linguist. Among linguists I'm a programmer.

Registration for the 2nd edition of the "Graphical User interfaces for Research Software" workshop by Diego Alonso Alvarez now open:

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It amazes and angers me so much that languages across the world are being undermined and going extinct at such a high rate because of the online world.

There is no justifiable reason that all languages aren't provided for digitally. "Big-tech" makes billions and they can't spend thousands to pay translation and localisation to help the world.

Instead it's English 1st, major languages 2nd and everyone else waits for scraps.

Link to GitHub 

Got language data out of one tool that you wanna load into another?

Here are some utilities for converting between various formats - , subtitles, PDF

FlorisBoard #FOSS keyboard for #Android has a bloody IPA layout 🤯 😮 :blobcathearthug:

Link to Twitter advertising a workshop 

Argh, 1st Ed. is 'sold out', so will boost for 2nd Ed. on May 4th...

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Link to Twitter advertising a workshop 


The 1st Edition of the Workshop on GUIs for Research Software is now open for registration, and the 2nd Edition (June 22nd-24th) will open on May 4th (be with you...)! Anyone developing RS is most welcome! imperialcollegelondon.github.i

“Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact.”

— Carl Sagan

#quote #CarlSagan

The software I develop is LaBB-CAT: a browser-based linguistics research tool that stores audio or video recordings, text transcripts, and other annotations.

Bonus 50 of @lingthusiasm, on Talking to babies and small children

Plus a Lingthusiasm liveshow about backchanneling on April 24th - get tickets now! #linguistics

All too often I hear "how can we justify funds to maintain research software?"

But really, we should be asking "How can we justify _not_ funding it?"

My colleagues and I wrote a thing:

Shakespeare sounds a certain way. Why? And why could it only work in English?

I collaborated on another video with @tomscott, this time about how the structure of a language influences how poetry can be written in it. #linguistics

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