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I'm the software guy for the New Zealand Institute of Language Brain and Behaviour at the University of Canterbury.

My thing is reducing drudgery for linguistics researchers, by combining and developing open source software.

Among programmers I'm a linguist. Among linguists I'm a programmer.

Any of y'all have good examples of when a software team _isn't_ very diverse and it overlooks obvious features? (for examples a talk tomorrow morning!)

Bonus points if it's research software.

Programming languages, APIs, and documentation are usually in English; coding is pretty overtly anglo-centric. But there are more insidious biases too.

e.g. in in general and in particular, a block of code starts/ends with ``` which is 3 taps on the same key on a US English keyboard. On a Latin American keyboard, it's a careful sequence of 9 keystrokes. Similarly some keystrokes are a nightmare.

Presumably other conventions cause non-anglophone coding annoyances?

Is there a text to speech tool out there that can do ipa? Like, *all* of the ipa?

I'm not a real programmer, but I've lost count of the consecutive days I've needed .

So I guess I'm ready to take the next step: "Add to Favorites"

The Software Sustainability Institute's "Next steps in coding" Research Software Camp looks to have some great workshops!

WOW. Yeah I've been on mastadon for like only five days now but I'm already flabbergasted at the world that should have been...

Like literally how did we all agree to just NOT have interoperable social networks??? Looking at the activity pub docs makes it clear how ridiculously easy that would have been. You want my content? Just GET my outbox. Want to send me something? Just POST to my inbox. The server can be anything you want, just format your messages in this (VERY INTUITIVE!) way. It's so simple it's STUPID.

I'm very new to all of this, so I'll admit that there's a lot I don't know, but what is painfully obvious right now is how, yet again, the tendrils of Capitalism have fundamentally altered the STRUCTURE of the Internet to make it less open, less empowering and generally WORSE for most users. However, what's also becoming clear is that it does not have to be that way, and being here is in some small way, bringing about that better possible future.

Recommendation for Scholar users especially 

Set your default posting privacy level to Unlisted and post every weirdo thought that comes through your brain there

And then be intentional about what things go on the Local Timeline—everyone on the instance will see those

That way, there's space for both

Happy May Day!
Down with the exploitation within academia and the normalization of precarity.

You deserve stability and care. 💜

Hi, I'm Aurynn. I run, an instance entirely hosted in Aotearoa New Zealand, on the Catalyst Cloud OpenStack cloud!

Cloud Island is a general-purpose instance, with a lot of really cool folks doing really cool things.

I toot mostly about cloud technology as I work on the Cloud Island infrastructure, general life, and sometimes #sociology.

I also do #photo #books sometimes!

I am transgender. Trans rights are human rights.


#intro #introduction #introductions

Ok fine let’s do a better #introduction that’s actually searchable. :sparkles_nb:

I'm Ártemis, a non-binary linguist and translator (of Spanish and English) who's working on their Linguistics PhD... on non-binary Spanish. I’m also big into sewing (clothes) and recently got into #rollerderby but am an absolute disgrace on wheels.

I use this same @ (#queerterpreter) all around the net :blocky_white_cursor:

#linguistics #queerinstem #nonbinary #nobinarie ¿#nonbinarylinguistics?

Okay, I guess it's time to get on with the !

I'm Badri, based in (or should I say, !). I a lot, both and articles, which I sync to my to avoid bright screens.

I edit a mostly science and culture magazine called (more on that in a bit).

For my income, though, I'm working as a . I've been tooting at Fosstodon for a while as @badrihippo, but I decided to create an account here for the other side of me!

SST2022: The 18th Australasian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology: December 13th-16th, Canberra, Australia
(Deadline for submissions: 17 June 2022)

Hey folks, please welcome to the fediverse some lovely people from The Turing Way project, which is building an open handbook to reproducible, ethical, collaborative

@da5nsy @toothFAIRy @jcolomb @LauraC_rter @malvikasharan @yabellini @yoyehudi @likeajumprope (ok, a few have been on here for a while... 😄)

Also, experimentally, follow @theturingway to see boosts of toots related to the project

If you're new here

A lot of people won't accept a follow request, or might (soft-)block you if your profile doesn't have an avatar/header/bio/any posts at all

This isn't personal

It's just a learned response that is protective against spammy follow-bots

If you give us something to go on, you may find that people get much friendlier! :)

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