Link to Twitter advertising a workshop 


The 1st Edition of the Workshop on GUIs for Research Software is now open for registration, and the 2nd Edition (June 22nd-24th) will open on May 4th (be with you...)! Anyone developing RS is most welcome! imperialcollegelondon.github.i

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Link to Twitter advertising a workshop 

Argh, 1st Ed. is 'sold out', so will boost for 2nd Ed. on May 4th...

Registration for the 2nd edition of the "Graphical User interfaces for Research Software" workshop by Diego Alonso Alvarez now open:

Link to Twitter advertising a workshop 

@robertfromont 😂 A few of us in the SSI Slack channel encouraged Diego to tweet the link and then the workshop sold out pretty much immediately. Great to see so much interest in it!

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