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ugh. Update on this. The Conversation added a link from my writing to a listicle that mentioned Minds, which is a "free speech" social network that has had Nazis using it. I've emailed the editor to see about getting that link changed.

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we should start a betting pool: what date will the first story break in the news that someone is selling vaccine doses to the highest bidder?

I wrote a chapter for the amazing book "The Cost of Free Shipping: Amazon in the Global Economy". I focused on Amazon's unprecedented global marketshare and economic power, the dominance of its digital platform Amazon Web Services (which powers much of the Fortune 500, the CIA, ICE, & until earlier this week the white-supremacist hotspot Parler), and its numerous privacy-violated technologies (Ring, Alexa, Rekognition). Read it here:


Trump: "I condemn any violence that fails to keep me in power"


sung to the tune of "Double Vision"

Due to your lies
you got double impeachment
Pay for your crimes
with double impeachment


kick it to Senate
but no matter what they do
the double impeachment will always be your legacy

your legacy, yeah


everyone, calm down. I know he tried to take over the government, but he failed, so we should just go back to normal


if anything deserves the subtitle "Electric Boogaloo," it might be Impeachment 2


Before jumping into someone else's mentions:

✅ Am I being contrarian?
✅ Do I already have a relationship with this person, or am I being inappropriately familiar?
✅ Am I "ironically" doing exactly what this person just said not to do?
✅ Am I derailing another legitimate discussion in order to get on my own favourite hobby-horse or to one-up this person in my knowledge of social issues?
✅ Am I saying "Are you surprised?" when they're disappointed?
✅ Am I providing unsolicited advice?

If people are having feelings about the shift of users to the fediverse and away from capitalist social media, I might recommend this book:
Behind the Screen: Content Moderation in the Shadows of Social Media by Sarah T. Roberts (Yale UP, 2019)

its helpful in understanding why moderation at Twitter, FB, or another social media site is so terrible, and to understand why content moderation is fundamental to the problems of the internet.

New friends on fedi, welcome!

Nothing bad in particular has happened to precipitate me pointing you in this direction:

But maybe it will help you to think about how replies on here might be received and avoid some potential problems!


Trump calling his remarks "appropriate" is quite a comedown from his previous favorite adjective, "perfect"


a little happy about how many chuds seem to think "I got caught up in the moment and I am sorry" is enough for an acquittal on federal charges for anyone without megabucks.

I still say we need to fully dismantle the prison state, but if they're intent on getting a firsthand look they're definitely on the right track.

oh, yeah! snow day! the weekend don't gotta stop y'all

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Don't forget

Jack Dorsey is a white supremacist who:

* Verified white supremacists (1)
* Had the ability to identify and remove white supremacists from Twitter for years and never did (2)
* Allowed white supremacists to advertise on Twitter (3)

The fact that they banned Trump doesn't change who he fundamentally is

Twitter isn't good now


Pre-emptive indication of some people in particular who will have a bad time on 

It is the official policy of this instance that:

* Fuck off, white supremacists; also
* We do not provide a platform for anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers either

Thank you for your attention


Trump does it again! Stuff that no president ever has done! Amazing! Historical!

He's getting impeached TWICE

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I wrote a post with a thought experiment: what if Donald Trump had joined Mastodon?

spoiler: it would not have gone as well for him as his run on Twitter did

dammit, there's that sound again

oh, wait, it's a fav

[thank you for the fav]

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EDM creators, want to drive a user insane? Use that Maro koopa-troopa shell sound in your music.

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