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Along with a colleague, @dzulli , I'm conducting a survey of Mastodon developers, admins, and users. If you would, please take our survey:

We're focusing on "freedom of expression."

For more info on the survey, see


Along with this question: does this happen in the world of FOSS? Is this similar to "not invented here" syndrome? Or is there an ethic in FOSS to "cite your sources"?

I'm asking because I've heard that the ethics of the academy and of FOSS have overlaps.

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Ok, academic fediverse, let's come up with a term to label the following:

Big-Name Author writes book on topic that's been written about. The book presents the topic as if it's new. The book does not cite any previous work. But, it cites the hell out of Big Name Author's own work.

Any suggestions for what to call this type of book? "Plagiarism" comes to mind, but maybe that's too harsh...

In two weeks, I will start at the University of Regensburg as a postdoc in the DFG Project "Astronomy's Glass Archive"!

In my project, I will trace the entire process of producing astrophotographic knowledge. From how the photographic plates were planned and acquired, to how they were reduced and turned in to publishable data. My focus will be on the Dutch observatories, 1890-1960, who mainly used photographic plates imported from the Cape Colony and South Africa.

wireguard! so quick and easy 

mucking about with wireguard and... the best advice is to build a kernel from source...? I thought this was supposed to be dead simple

when the fuck did people start using words like 'consumer', 'franchise', 'intellectual property', and 'content' to talk about shows and shit, i do hate it so very much

I used to laugh when I would open any given business textbook and inevitably see the faux-chart promising growth, as pictured here.

But now I find the image depressing because it is the fundamental hallucination of a species that is destroying itself.

Seeing a new account being made in ScholarOne is like a horror story. I know what's next... a peer review request... "we're coming for you with a draft and a three-week deadline"

academic/business jargon 

wtf is a "stakeholder," anyway?

If you have any questions about what it's like to present at @SummerSchool please feel free to ask!

"What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god"

Anyone have a copy/location of the facebook leak?

Hello! Scholar.Social is excited to host the second , a free, indisciplinary online academic conference - roughly spanning 7/26-8/4 🌞

We'll be looking for: people to help organize, moderators for the presentations, and presenters! Stay tuned for more details 👀

You can check out past presentations here:

If you're a developer, there are lots of #Fediverse platforms which you can help out on:

BookWyrm (Goodreads alternative)

Funkwhale (Music, Podcasts and Audio)

Lemmy (Reddit alternative)

Mastodon (Twitter alternative)

PeerTube (YouTube alternative)

PixelFed (Instagram alternative)

Write Freely (Medium alternative)


Agenda was awesome. Should have been genre-defining.

Chandler was literally an attempt at a remake of Agenda, as Open source, in 2008.

The entire Open Source community, at the height of its powers, just before the Cloud crushed everything, looked at it and went "ennnh".

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Any project managers out there who want to do more #FOSS and more to promote free, open and lower cost internet? A company I work for is hiring. #PKT

Boosts appreciated.

question about the selfie eye-contact CW 

Hi, all -- For some time I've seen people use the "eye contact" CW for selfies. I've hoped over time to figure out why that warning is used, and I have to admit: I'm unsure.

Would someone explain why that custom exists? (I'm not arguing with it, and I'm happy to abide by it. Just curious!)

web admin 

at what point do we just close port 80?

Hi, Hi fediverse!
Mark here from Delft, Netherlands. I just started a PhD to research socio-technical enablers/inhibitors of software testing. In the next 4 years I will look into how and why developers do (not) test software. I am particularly interested in the social dimensions of this which is why I'm also curious to learn more about ethnographic research methods.

Looking forward to be a part of the community to connect and share insights!

anyone have insights on Roskilde University, and Roskilde, Denmark?

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