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Robert W. Gehl

I have recently learned about Scholarly Hub, a membership-driven hub for sharing research and teaching, connecting with others, housing pre-prints, and more. Seems like something like but not for profit and that doesn't sell your data. Check it out:

Maybe kind of like a co-op for scholars?

dammit, don't correct me, Mastodon, that was @ robertwgehl @ with no spaces! 😀

booyeah, registered for (Association of Internet Researchers) and asked for my "Twitter handle" to be @robertwgehl

At this point, waiting for a response for so long, I *will* take "No" for an answer. At least it would be an answer!

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Fox: "Let's switch from the World Cup to... golf." Telemundo: "¡Más fútbol para ti! ¡Futbol todo el día!" Gracias, Telemundo!

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Experiment/art project: use Noscript but block everything *except* ad networks and trackers and see how the Web looks

Any members of the Society for People Interested in Boring Things here on

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Thinking of starting a predatory pay-to-publish journal called Publish or Perish. Anyone interested in being on the editorial board?

Probably a longshot: does anyone out there know a place to find BBS archives, specifically between 1980 and 1984? I've scoured, and it's good, but perhaps there's more?

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Congrats to my partner, who I may now refer to as Doctor! She defended her PhD dissertation today!

Hey, Linux users and researchers: any recommendations on a program? I used Calizo in the past ( but it's been abandoned and no longer works on modern systems.

I would like to avoid web-based systems and instead have the data on my machine.

This GDPR thing is awesome... all the spammers are emailing begging me to opt into being spammed... lovely