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Today's mood is being pissed at LGBTQ+ orgs/places running all of their stuff through Facebook.

You of all people should know better.

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Author happens to be a Big Name and I doubt my review will derail the book, but someone has to hold senior scholars up to high standards.

Update: it does not get any better. Author introduces a topic, then says, "I wrote about this topic," cites self. Ignores *a lot* of people who also have written about it.

An argument could be made that the book is in a journalistic style, but then an academic citation appears and... it's the author

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Happy Canada Day! True North Strong & Free! Joyeux jour du Canada! Véritable Nord Solide & Libre! #OCanada #J2DW #CanadaDay #Celebrate #Barrie

reviewing a book for a press, a book in which at least 50% of the citations are of the author's own work. It's good work to cite, but... c'mon, other people have written about this topic, too...

Is it ok if every time I read "zeitgeist" I say it in my head "zit ghost" and giggle?


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