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friendly reminder that myself and many other users actively avoid boosting uncaptioned images.

if you dont know how to add a description to your image to allow those who use screen readers to know what your posted: if you click on the image before posting it, you get a little text box like the cw one where you can put the description, you can see it when you hover over an image in the pc browser.

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I wish I could get as excited about technology and stuff as many of you younger folks, but all I've got is this dread. so much dread.

participatory rhetoric
*looks at it*
at some point, someone should tell these guys about ethnography and anthropology

Wonder if there are any other National Communication Association (US) goers here?

I'm presenting "Violence, Propriety, Authenticity: A Symbolic Economy for the Dark Web," today at .

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Is there a term for non-academic yet formal education systems? E.g., security certificate training, lifecoaching, motivational courses, that sort of thing? Terms I've heard include "invisible school", "hidden school," but they don't seem to return a lot of good search results. Any suggestions?

RT @Elinor_Carmi@twitter.com: Similar tensions were discussed in @robertwgehl@twitter.com's new book about the Dark Web (MIT).

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I grew up listening to this guy play guitar. It was so much in the water in Michigan that as soon as I got a guitar and a wah-wah, I imitated his sound, even though I didn't know his name.


RT @mitpress@twitter.com: For the @ConversationUS@twitter.com, author @robertwgehl@twitter.com uncovers the mysteries of the "Dark Web." His new book, "Weaving the Dark Web: Legitimacy on Freenet, Tor, and I2" is on sale now.

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RT @JudyMalloy@twitter.com: The SAIC Social Media Narratives Contemporary Social Media Platforms &Creative Practice panel is in progress on Twitter at and Facebook at facebook.com/groups/3282731279
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RT @JudyMalloy@twitter.com: The SAIC ARTTECH Social Media Narratives class panel -- Contemporary Social Media Platforms and Creative Practice -- begins today! Posting on Twitter at will be Beth Coleman, Juana Guzman, and @robertwgehl@twitter.com -- joined by SAIC students.

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