teaching about early radio 

teaching about early radio 

star trek tng 

I'm no cowboy 

best thing about new york state is that u can finally get some michigan beers

mastodon, academic conferences 



keynote on the dark web 

influencer scams 

influencer scams 

yo, I hate when all these fucking film video essay criticisms come down to "film bad because it doesn't have an auteur"

like fuck, filmmaking is an inherently collaborative experience, please stop confusing good direction with absolute authority for fuck sake

dark web, "hitmen", scams relies on Mastodon's public timeline API, which is getting locked down in future releases.

This is a positive development for security on the fediverse, but it means that this project won't be able to access the information needed for the map of the fediverse.

One potential solution is to use a follow-bot. If a bot followed you, would you block it? (it would respect #nobot, of course).

Trudeau, canPol, racism 

browser: a web page is slowing down your browser. What would you like to do?


A prof wanted his class to build a collaborative annotated bibliography on the semiotics of nuclear waste. I had the class use Zotero's group functionality within the context of learning search strategies, being critical of sources, etc. and then to actually create the bibliographies... and it worked really nicely! It seems like so often, technology has glitches and difficulties, which get in the way, so it's refreshing when it just supports exactly what you want people to get from it.

I'm looking for writing (academic and non) about how ecologists use language like "invasion" and such that mirrors xenophobic and fascist language about people and how this can be a problem.

Boosts welcome

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