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Robert W. Gehl

Oh and Madeline Akrich. Though she was critical of it, Susan Leigh Star important here, too

But it has to be one person's invention, apparently

Minor annoyance: no matter how much I stress that actor-network theory was developed over time by Michel Callon, John Law, Annmarie Mol, and yes Bruno Latour, students still say things like "Latour's actor-network theory." Interesting how a theory stressing complexity in the generation of knowledge gets reduced to One Man's Invention

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woohoo! got a dissertation completion fellowship from my school! good stipend and no service obligations for the 2018-2019 academic year...just writing :) such a relief!

The field asks for status: Senior Scholar or Junior Scholar? I respond: old enough to know better, but not old enough to think about retiring.

It is getting a bit more real: my book is listed on the MIT Press website:

Hi, I'm starting my PhD in American Culture at UM Ann Arbor this fall. I'm a Baby Academic!

Research Interests:
- social media ethnography
- cultural studies
- internet historiography and narrative
- gifs
- Asian American and Comparative Ethnic Studies
- surveillance capitalism

Personal Interests:
- prison abolition
- cats
- bread

Indexing? More like FUNdexing, amirite?


I don't know about you, but I'm starting to worry that the demand to cite authorities (and the proliferation of such citations), coupled with word limits in journals, is crowding out all the words we could write about, you know, the *actual object under analysis*

I'm not much one for zombie this, that, or the other, but I do see some zombies: zombie papers, as in a paper you submitted years ago and you've forgotten about. Then, one day, an email: "Please revise this paper." Usually due in less than a week. And you have to remember what you even were writing about.

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Today's Comm Tech and Culture class is about surveillance. The sun never sets on the Five Eyes.

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Done. Facebook account deleted.

I'm looking to expand my "organic social reach." Anyone know how to get my social reach certified as organic?

Does anyone have any experience with Common Ground as a publisher and conference organizer?

asking for a friend