I got a talk accepted at Hackers On Planet Earth... pretty cool! My colleague and I will talk about the history of -- we'll probably talk about early 20th century public relations, phone phreaks, and contemporary hackers.


still getting emails from admins from my previous employer. So I block em like I was Ben Wallace

academic journals, ethics 

welp. It's finally happened. I've been put on an editorial board of an academic journal without my consent. Somewhat ironically, it's the International Journal of Technoethics.

uspol, trump, remember when? 

I feel like we could do one of these a week:

"Remember when Trump forced the National Weather Service to agree with his sharpie-marked storm track map, rather than, you know, actual data? Ah, nostalgia."

uspol, trump 

Whoever thought we would be nostalgic for the good old days when Trump just did stupid things like recommend injecting bleach

Just a reminder to my fellow scholar.social folks: hope y'all are taking care of yourselves. Cuz academia sure as hell won't.

It's OK to be 'unproductive' sometimes. Tell that guilt to shut its yap.

Also, thanks for making this a cool place to hang.

Why many people don't and won't use open source federated sites 

People will continue to use big centralized sites like Discord until the alternatives drop the literal paragraphs of technobabble to explain what they are.

Most users do not know tech well. If they see pages of words they don't understand it's clear the software 'isn't for people like me'
so they go back to centralized sites.

If people don't understand what any of those acronyms and words mean it won't matter that the site is easier or better to use.

There's nothing wrong with technical explanations.
But they can be deeply alienating as a first impression and explanation to someone with no tech or coding skills who's after 'a site I can talk to my friends on'.

Folks know the sites they use are bad. But the alternative isn't accessible to the vast majority of people.

Non tech users need to be included and respected as potential users if open source is to appeal to all the communities it could benefit.

peer review, anonymizing, citations questions 

Hi, academic Mastodon. Question for you. Say you're peer reviewing a journal article. Let's say the article's authors cite themselves quite a few times, but do it like this: (Authors, 2019).

Let's also say they make claims and support them with these self-citations. Thus, it's impossible to follow up and look at their sources.

At what point do you ask for a version with the citations deanonymized? Or do you just trust them when they cite themselves?

star trek series music 

"Oh, this scene has a spiritual element," says the musician writing the score. "This calls for... pan flute!"


the conservative view seems to be "buy shit and die"

video conferencing 


no, wait, no I do not.

writing and homeschooling 

this whole trying to write while every 10 mins the kid announces something about their homework is... hard

Happy birthday, scholar.social! It has been three full years since the instance joined the Fediverse!

Thank you all for sharing them with me!

the more something is treated as a given, the more i want to take it apart and demand to know why

uspol, trump 

I don't know why this is the thing that really gets me these days.

Foxnews.com's coverage of Trump's comments... doesn't quote what he said. It just talks about how the 'media' is upset and how Trump's spokespeople deny he said what he said.


What he said was, and I quote:

""And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning."

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covid19, pence, trump 

once again, Pence kisses Trump's prodigious posterior and explains how we're just about to test millions of people. He's been saying this for weeks now. Millions tested... always in the future


Things I never thought I'd have to worry about:
1) How to keep myself and others safe from being infected during a pandemic
2) How to homeschool my kid when there are many great public schools and teachers to help him
3) how to find a vein (in my foot? my arm?) to inject Lysol

Regular reminder to users of scholar.social that your value as a person is not measured by your academic output or "productivity"

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