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Got a lot of responses to my call for advice on getting students to participate a bit more in class... thank you!

Today, I had them work in groups for 1/2 the class, and then we came back together to discuss the reading. A wider range of students participated. I think that may be the pattern to follow from here on out...

Ok, fellow professors, I need help. Tips on getting more students to participate in class discussions. I have tried:
1) "warm up" questions, where they form groups and come up with answers to the Qs I will pose as we discuss
2) Full-on group work where they write out questions based on the reading, as well as their answers

They will talk a lot during those, but when I ask questions, the same 10% of class answers.

Any suggestions?

Electronic music idea: beats with samples of various common alert noises (new email/message alert sounds from various OSes/devices). Call it "agitelectic"

Mission: Totally Doable, But Let's Take Care Of It Tomorrow

Fox News Show more

Is there anything more satisfying than going into NoScript and setting *.facebook.* to UNTRUSTED? Good times...

Old Boys' Research Club: *centuries of systematic structural oppression*

Oppressed Person: Now that I've fought my way into research, I will study systematic structural oppression and work for social justice.

Old Boys' Research Club: You're making things up, that's not science.

Chicago the town is pretty cool. Chicago the band had some damned good jams. But Chicago the citation style? That takes the cake

it's ok to say that an astonishing, elaborate piece of technology that seems to impress a lot of people sucks. you're allowed.

Two grad students and I are doing research on and "the politics of federation," and so far for data/materials, we've collected: interviews with admins, 70 Masto threads on the topic, dozens of blog posts, and ~170 Masto CoC statements. It seems like a lot, but... what are we missing? Suggestions welcome!

"Is it okay if we use an older edition of the book?"
"Did a communist revolution take place here between it and the current edition?"
"Then it's probably mostly up to date. Go for it"

Jim Carrey urges Facebook users to delete their accounts to protest Russian election interference…

Is the conga beat at the end of Marvin Gaye's What's Going On album the most sample conga beat ever?

OK: How bad is advertising on SAGE journal pages? I use an adblocker, but I happened to look at a journal with a browser with no ad blocker, and I thought I saw a bunch of ads. So, any academic out there: are there lots of ads on SAGE journals? If so... ew.

Rather than spending yet another day tweeting about everything Trump says and does and letting him continue to control the conversation, change the narrative. Imagine a different future, share a strategy for action, a policy that you want to see. This is what I want to see:

Copyediting my next book, Weaving The Dark Web, right now. Assuming I can get this done, look for this book IN THE FUTURE

iOS changes its keyboard so I cannot login... very clever

more bigger more more bigger more

Step 1: Write critical piece about Facebook, discussing how its warping sociality, turning us into commodities, and taking over the Internet.

Step 2: Publish the piece in a big magazine.

Step 3: Post it to one's own Facebook page