Ok! If you had a good budget to build a cloud infrastructure to support small teams (2-5 people) collaborating on projects, with a special focus on academic writing projects, what would you recommend?

I'm thinking Linux-based cloud stuff, so I have in mind:
* nextcloud
* Jitsi
* matrix

and...? Any recommendations?

@robertwgehl Might not even need jitsu/matrix if Nextcloud Talk fits the bill, but that might be a matter of taste/preference. Collabora if you want in-browser office-y stuff. Not sure how much planning is involved, but the Deck app in Nextcloud might help.

Something like Gitea if versioning outside of Nextcloud is desirable.

I'm not sure what your group's writing workflow looks like (or whether you already have one to begin with). Can you elaborate?


@doenietzomoeilijk Basically, I'm just planning on a sort of lab/sandbox to get away from proprietary software or the surveillance companies. So, something flexible, something that someone used to Word or Google Docs can learn quickly.

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